Where are the Kids?
Letting Go of Principles

Distilled Evil

Umar Lee:

Several months ago I wrote a refutation to an “Aryan” Muslim named Suhaib Jobst, based out of Britain I believe, and the mindset of some who seek to create an alliance between Muslims and far-right racialist groups.

Umar Lee got a response from the Aryan. A chilling excerpt:

I myself have never regarded anyone as being inferior to me, solely because of their race or ethnicity. The "superior" would be those individuals - FROM EVERY RACE - who conduct themselves with honor, nobility and dignity, and who uphold the values of Tradition...in this era where materialist decadence and selfish individualism prevails. The most noble are those who are Muslims, i.e. submit themselves to Allah (Subhanahu wa-Ta'ala).

As for my ideology, I am not inspired by either Hizb ut-Tahrir or Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen. Rather I oppose their compromise of Islamic principles, straying from their original conception. I hold fast to the Salafi Jihadi understanding of Islam, which affirms Tawheed al-Haakimiyyah, opposes the Kaafir Murtad Tawaghut rulers, and believes in Jihad.

Lovely. National Socialism has morphed into Islamist Socialism. It seems the open loathing of Jews is the unifying force.


Suhaib Jobst

I have never been a National Socialist, although there are many misconceptions about it. I am a Muslim who has seen the truth about the jewish lies, and has realized Qur'an and Sunnah provides a perfect testament against the nature of your people.

You can spout your propaganda all you want, but to me you will always be a filthy jew kike Zionist scum-sucker. It is only a matter of time until you people and your lies will be defeated. I, for one, can't wait for that day to occur!

Suhaib Jobst

By the way, why did I call you - a Kafir Murtad - a "filthy jew kike Zionist scum-sucker"? Because you are in the same category. Because you have become one of them and hence you deserve to suffer their same fate. Look, you're even beginning to use a kike name!

If anything, you have done me a great service. Your blog is an excellent example of the close links between the Zionist-jews and the Kafir Murtad Islam-haters. You have helped me immensely in my efforts, and for this I thank you.


Get a life man. Can you see how much hate filled you are? This is what happens to all the people who follow your ideologies. You got a double whammy man Islamist and nazi, it cant get better than that.
Hope you burn in your hate for rest of your life and see the rest of the world enjoy the fruits of this life and when you die there will be no heaven or 72 hoories waiting for you and that would be the moment when you would say "Oh F***"!


BTW suhaib
By now you must have also realized that all the jew scienitsts won noble prizes after reading about all those great scientific phenomena in the quran. Or may be you consider evolution to be jewish lie. Or may be earth is really flat and these wicked joos want us to believe it is round by showing a ball on TV and calling it earth!. Wow I didnt know that joos had sooo much power. By your own admission they must all be super human to fool 99.999% non jewish people!!
You are like an ostrich with your head buried deep in sand. You are like a person who has his eyes and ear closed because you are not man enough to face the reality, and you keep shouting like a little girl "Mommy(moon god) look at the joo, he has taken my toy and he spanked my a$$"
I pity you man. I wish you a very long life though so that you suffer more!

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