Apostasy to Whiteness?
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Beware Canada

PDF: Page 7 of 11 via LFG!!!.

We cannot take solace in the fact that an attack has not taken place in Canada. This country has been named on at least three occasions by AL QAEDA or its affiliates and is viewed as a legitimate target.

Canadian society has to understand this: Not helping the US in Iraq hasn't bought them any security. Canada is a target not because she did something in the past but because for what she is: a democratic Sharia-free nation.

Canadians are in the same boat as the Americans. Whether they like it or not.

See this video in which Prime Minister Harper makes excellent points.


Doubting Thomas

A lot of Westerners think that, if they hate us this much, surely there must be some reason for it. Why do they hate us? We MUST have done something really horrible, right? Imperialism or colonialism or poverty or, or, or...they just refuse to accept that they hate us for supernatural reasons. It has nothing to do with the real world.

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