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Apostasy to Whiteness?

Umar Lee:

We talked about how the White Muslims really does not have a place in the community. He can go to the African-American Masjids, and he will become friends with the brothers and will be welcomed; but there will be something missing and at the end of the day he will be in some kind of a lesser role.

Hmm. Later on:

What does it mean to be white and be a Muslim? Myself I believe that the acceptance of Islam equals apostasy to whiteness because whiteness is based on what you are not and not on what you are and Muslim is one of the things you cannot be and be white.

Um, what? The idea that the critics of Islam are racist is already prevalent. But, now, a white covert to Islam is...no longer white! Which "race" are these people converting to?

I'm confused.

By the way, what, in the name of sanity, is "whiteness"? Is there such a thing as "blackness" and "brownness"? What about interracial marriages--do the kids 'inherit' both "nesses"?

I'm really confused.

I'm a Pakistani ex-Muslim. Am I also an "apostate to brownness" or does the race apostasy go only one-way?



white Muslims are not converting to any race, but to a religion, it is just they have lost their palce in the white race

Isaac Schrödinger

Umar: You mean to say that being "white" is a matter of faith / ideology and not a matter of skin color?

Applying this logic to myself: Have I lost my place in the brown / beige race?


Whiteness is based on what you are not? What complete and utter CRAP. Excuse me. Good lord.

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