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Laying the Red Carpet for Saudis

A Landmark Ruling in Denmark

For an honor killing in Denmark, an entire family is found guilty. Gates of Vienna has got the details about all the nine convicts.

This does indeed seem to mark a turning-point in European jurisprudence dealing with Islamic honor killings. It will be interesting to see if other countries follow suit.

I sure hope so because the 'dishonor' is brought on the family which then plans the method of execution; thus, they deserve to be punished.



Wanna bet they end up getting off? Moral relativism is pretty strong in the serfdoms of Europe. I would be astounded if any of the killers do any payback.

Isaac Schrödinger

They've been found guilty. As a result, each of them will do five years minimum. That's very little but still it's something. I do hope the judge gives them life (or whatever is the maximal punishment).

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