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hi! i was totally stunned to read of this, and slightly annoyed to have missed reading about such an "unusual" rapist in the newspapers: tried to read up more from the links you provided, plus some google searches... found that they all said the exact same thing, and there was really not much in terms of explaining more about this "unusual" request, the backstory, if you will... so many questions, none answered...

I also noticed that they all referred to a local paper (the New Straits Times)... but guess what? Searching at the New Straits Times website ( yielded nothing. Not. a. thing. From the alleged source. Hmmmmmmm....

So, how true is this particular bit of news? to me, it's highly questionable. Whaddaya think?

Isaac Schrödinger

I've found three more sources:

Mainichi Daily News
Daily News
Gold Sea

I searched at the New Straits Time. My search term was "Judge Azimah Omar". I found this link which gives more details about the case.

Me thinks it's genuine.


oh cool, great work - didn't occur to me to use the judge's name... i searched for "Hariol Azmi Mohammed Shah" as it appeared in the other news, but in the nstp article it's "Hairol Azmi Mohd Shah" no wonder i didn't find it...

and.. y.i.k.e.s... still lots of unanswered questions... but bleeaaaah i cringe at the thought of the guy wanting to marry his victim - "love"? or "honor"? or "thinking that will get him acquitted of the charges"?? Guess we can wait with bated breath for Nov 6th to find out :p

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