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In Search of Justice

Abu Kais:

... many Arabs don't question their Sharia. And very few are willing to question the other law of the land, the "secular" oppression of their leader. So they fluctuate between the two, not knowing that real justice is not found in either. Those who dare question these limited choices are considered agents of the West.

They're also sometimes called Americans (gasp!).

Slacking in the Office

Amit Agarwal:

Bosses don't expect their employees to work 8 hours per day, non-stop. There is always some wasted time (time spent on the job not doing actual work.) But a recent survey has revealed that Office workers waste 2+ hours per 8 hour work day while the employers and HR department expect them to waste only 1 hour per day.


A Convert To Christianity Faces Death in Iran

Barbara from Tidbits and Treasures:

Iran's apostasy laws call for a death penalty if a Muslim converts to Christianity. 33 years ago, 51 year old Ali Kaboli converted from Islam to Christianity. Kaboli has, for decades, held house meetings, chancing being caught by the Iranians. His home was burned down once by unidentified arsonists.

He was arrested three weeks ago by the Iranian secret police.

Garbage Repackaged

Samar Jamil Khan enlightens us:

The present day crisis is the struggle of neo capitalist world order to protect and consolidate its gains after the disintegration of Soviet Union and self created threats from the emerging economies or religious ideologies. The engine of their economic doctrine of ‘free market economy’ resembles the Pharaoh’s pyramids where the tip belongs to the10 per cent ruling elite and the rest of 90 per cent are left to survive on their left on crumbs. To establish such an economic structure, they beset the world in religious hateful divisions.

Wow, I didn't know that capitalists had such powers.

Later on:

A new world plan can be designed whereby the power can be legislated to belong equally to all income groups of society.

Another wow! Poverty can be legislated away.

It should be duly recognized by freedom loving poor governments of world to charter the future course of humanity free from exploitation of the neo capitalist-colonist world hedonistic disorder and their engineered religious socio-cultural divisions, illegal invasions, and illegitimate occupations.

I just excerpted that part for its sheer lucidity.

Perfidy of the Left

The Belmont Club:

One unintended effect of the September 11 attacks is that it put a defining question to different modes of American political consciousness. Until then it was possible to treat many ideologies respectable since the 1960s as harmless forms of iconoclasm, posing "provocative" but fundamentally hypothetical views. But when attacks on the US homeland made it categorically necessary to answer the question: 'are you willing to fight our assailants', many sincere ideologues paused, shook their heads and said: 'No. In fact I am morally obligated to help our assailants'. When Noam Chomsky went out of his way to support Hezbollah it wasn't inexplicable, it was logical. His long articulated hypotheticals have simply become actuals.

Yeah, "logically" the Islamists and the Left Wing twits are on the same side.

ODI # 2380

This India-West Indies series has been incredible. All three matches so far have gone down to the last three balls of the game!

Today, India batted first. They were in a decent position at 219/6 with 9.2 overs left. Yet, they scored an atrocious 26 runs in those overs. That cost them the match. West Indies played with relative comfort and control. Sarwan and Chanderpaul put up a 106-run partnership for the 5th wicket which cracked India. Sarwan scored an unbeaten 119-ball 115.

India won the first match of the series in a poor fashion. They went on to lose the next two games. Now it's 2-1 West Indies. India has Dhoni for the lower order but he can't lift up the total by himself. This Indian team can't score runs in the last 10 overs. That is the big difference between the two teams*.

The Indians better learn to perform in the West Indies because next year they'll be playing the World Cup there.

*This is also an area where the Pakistanis are superior to the Indians.

The first graph from Cricinfo says it all.

Useful Infidels of Europe

Jerusalem Post via Dhimmi Watch:

European officials responded with "regret" Monday to Israel ambassador to Austria Dan Ashbel's decision to boycott a conference on racism in the media in Vienna Monday because of concern in Jerusalem that anti-Semitism was getting short shrift at the meeting.

How did the EU manage that?

Israel was angered that while the description of the conference it received in March said the conference would deal with various forms of racism, including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, a later description sent to Jerusalem in May eliminated references to anti-Semitism, while the program still included a report on Islamophobia.

Those classy Europeans!

By the way, since when did Islamophobia become a form of racism? Which race does an Islamophobic fear or detest?

An Element of "Pure Islam"

Read my previous post on this matter, "Islam and Slavery" for the background.

Thanks to Sean, there comes this link to a video of a guy who is discussing the sales of Christian boys. There's also a slideshow of boys being returned to their families. The photos that depict the reunion are filled with emotion.

Read the full story here. I have only read this far:

Assuming a false identity and posing as a businessman who wanted to obtain boys for his begging ring, he had met with slavers near Quetta, in Baluchistan Province, not far from the Afghan border. They showed him photos of their "inventory"--- twenty boys who had all been abducted from Christian homes. The consciences of these Muslim slavers would not allow them to kidnap Muslim children, but only the children of infidels.

These are truly evil creatures.

I have translated some of the talk, in the video, between the guy who is selling the Christian boys and the buyer. I might have misheard a few words; that's why I've put the Urdu text in italics. Here you go:

Slave owner: Hum dollar check taray ga, dollar theek ho gaya, aap to bachhay mil jain ga.; I'll check the dollars. If the dollars are okay, then you'll get your kids.

Slave buyer: Kaisay hain ye bachhay?; How are these kids?

Slave owner: Aap mere saath koi admi bhayjo, aap ko jo chahey mile ga. Waisay check kare ga.; Send some man with me and you'll get what you want after I have checked [the money].

Slave buyer: Banda naal le kay jao gay?; You'll take my man with you [as collateral].

Slave owner: Jee haan.; Yes.

Then the two get up, with the thugs in the background who have an AK and at least one pistol, and leave.

Another excerpt from the full story:

... the next evening the phone call came, Amir ran out of the house where we stayed, and shortly thereafter we were in possession of three barefoot, dirty and smelly boys, ages 6, 8 and 9, scared to death of what we were going to do with them. At first they wouldn't talk, and just getting them to tell us their names took effort. We later learned that they had all been abducted three to six months earlier. Since then, they had been kept in a hot, windowless room day and night with the seventeen others. They were only permitted to go out of the room to use the bathroom in a courtyard, guarder by two men who often played cards. They were fed one meal a day and often beaten for no cause. They were forbidden to talk with one another or to pray and were beaten when they did. They slept on the floor. They had nothing to do but lay around in the darkness...for months.

Deciphering Abdullah

Arab News:

Answering a question, the king said he did not expect the standoff between Iran and the United States over Tehran’s nuclear program to lead to a military showdown. He described the situation in violence-plagued Iraq as “frightening,” saying the ongoing killings there “sadden every person.” The king said there were “hidden hands” trying to stir up infighting in Iraq.

I bet those hidden hands belong to Jews. Right, Abdullah?

Dinner Dinner Dinner...

The Fire Ant Gazette:

We were sitting in church this morning listening to a sermon about Enoch, one of at least two people in the Bible who didn't die (can you name one other?). A sudden movement caught my eye, in front, above and to the left of our pew. At first, I thought a small bird had somehow found its way into the room, but as it flew closer I (and the other 250 other people near enough to the action) recognized it as a ...

Click here to find out.

The Elastic Nature of Pornography

Daily Times:

Up to 100,000 people jammed streets in the Indonesian capital on Sunday, shouting slogans and hoisting banners in support of a proposed anti-pornography law...


The protesters, who arrived in buses organised by mosques and conservative Islamic groups, urged parliament to immediately pass the bill that in its current form would ban kissing in public – as well as erotic poetry, dancing, drawing, writing, photos and film.

Whoa. I've been engaged in pornography and I didn't even know about it! (Another thing to add to the resume!)

“Pornography is part of the culture of the West and the unbelievers,” said demonstrator Choirul Hassan. “They are exporting this to Indonesia to destroy a whole generation of Muslim youth. They must be stopped.”

Um, so, authentic Indonesian pornography would then be halaal?

Others held up posters showing monkeys dressed in underwear, with captions reading: “Only animals like to go naked!” “Ban pornography and stop the sex industry,” they shouted. “Down with liberalism and secularism,” read one banner in support of the bill, which has become a rallying call for the country’s growing hardline fringe.

Something tells me that this hardline fringe will gain strength as time passes.

I read an article some time ago in which the author made a controversial point: The more pornography there is in a country, the more rights the women have. These two things have an impressive correlation. Perhaps, in the future, we'll say that women in Islamic nations are truly liberated when they have a phalanx of Muslim porn stars.

A Muslim Woman Marries An Infidel

Western Resistance:

We mentioned earlier that Sudan's controversial cleric, Hassan al-Turabi had issued a fatwa last month in which, among other items, he declared that it was permissable for a Muslim woman to marry a Christian or Jewish man.

This ruling goes against 1400 years of Islamic regulations.

Today, Khaleej Times reports that Turabi's decree has led to the first such marriage of its kind in modern Sudan.

That's one brave woman. It is likely that her marriage won't be recognized / appreciated in another Muslim country.

Abdul Fattah Idris, professor of comparative religious laws at Al-Azhar University in Cairo said: "Muslim women are prohibited by the Sharia (Muslim law) from marrying people of the book (i.e., Jews and Christians)."

That is correct. The "logic" behind this is partly that Islamic society is patriarchal; a woman is rarely allowed to work; a woman gets half the inheritance of a man; a man is not only physically stronger but also financially superior to a woman. Thus, he sets the rules. If you have this mindset, then a marriage between a Muslim woman and an infidel is toxic.

Black women who date non-black men get called "sell outs" by dim blacks. Well, in this case, a Muslim woman doesn't fare any better within her Muslim community. I knew a relatively liberal Muslim girl in university who dated a non-Muslim. Her mother told her that she could marry anyone ...except a non-Muslim and a white guy. There is tremendous family pressure on Muslim girls to behave at all times. Sometimes, such girls are killed because of paranoid suspicions.

This couple is, thus, very courageous. And so is the cleric who issued the unorthodox fatwa. He should seriously take care of his security. The Islamists must be extremely unhappy over this perversion of Islam.

Islam and Slavery

Times Online via LFG!!!:

The Sunday Times has established that Gul Khan, a wealthy militant who uses the base of Jamaat-ud Daawa (JUD) near Lahore, is behind a cruel trade in boys aged six to 12.

They are abducted from remote Christian villages in the Punjab and fetch nearly £1,000 each from buyers who consign them to a life of misery in domestic servitude or in the sex trade.

Sometimes, Pakistani criminal gangs cut off a limb or two of such kids and then leave them in the street to beg. Later, the demons make rounds during the night to collect the money and in return feed the kids.

When I was in Karachi in the early 90s, I often saw such amputees in the bazaar. These beggar kids and men usually had their feet cut off at the knees. They were utterly helpless. Who knows if they "worked" for a master or not?

Do note that Islam didn't abolish slavery. Muhammed, the infallible prophet of Islam, had plenty of sex-slaves. Ergo, slavery is halaal (permitted in Islam).

The Islamists in Pakistan kidnapped Christian boys. This practice has a long history. Suleiman the Magnificent, arguably the most powerful Muslim ruler of the last millennium, would "ask" for the first-born sons of his Christian subjects. He would instill the ideology of Jihad in these martial slaves and later use them in battle. You see, the large boundary of the Ottoman Empire required a physical presence.

Today, the Christian kids are used for financial purposes by Al Qaeda. In the end, the objective remains the same: Jihad.

The Real Mordor

Glenn Reynolds:

The Saudis are not our friends. They are, in fact, at the root of global Islamist intolerance and violence to a degree at least as great as that of Iran. They must change peacefully, or be changed.


The West can't possibly win this war without a regime change in Saudi Arabia. The Islamist-appeasing, religious-police-financing House of Saud must fall.

Rich Stereotypes

We're so lucky to have Fatima:

I caught BBC correspondent Tim Samuels’ show on the unification of Europe under the European Union. Interesting program. The whole time I thought he was a Muslim because of his dark looks. He is British, so I guess I just presumed him to be a British of Asian origin. Then when the show had a segment in Turkey, there were a lot of the typical anti-Muslim undertones in the piece. I was like, “if he isn’t religious, fine, but how can he say this crap and demonize Muslims in such a way? He’s perpetuating cheap stereotypes.” Then the credits rolled and I saw his name, Tim Samuels, and I knew in an instant that he was not a Muslim at all. He was Jewish. Oh, okay. Now it made more sense.

[Emphasis mine.]

The paragraph reads like it was from ScrappleFace.

Saying Yes to Islamist Democracies*

Umar Lee:

We see a US, contrary to what Bush says, that is steadfastly opposed to the form the democratic movement is taking in the Muslim World, which is an Islamist form, and they will support any crook from Hosni Mubarak to the Moroccan King to stop it, and when the US loses, the children of all the bloodsuckers of all those societies will be found riding around Virginia and Manhattan in SUV’s with their own slots on panel discussions at the American Enterprise Institute next to Ms. Ayaan.

Tell us what you really think, Umar.

The comments to the post are interesting as well.

*Yes, I know that's an oxymoron.

ODI # 2379

Dear Lord! India had 17 successful run-chases before going into this match. Somehow, they lost today by 1 run!

The West Indies scored a measly 198 runs in their 50 overs. The Indians in reply didn't get a decent partnership. Wickets kept on falling. Yuvraj scored a massive 93 runs but unfortunately got out with two balls to spare. He was the last man out. The Indians scored 9 runs in the four balls of the last over. They needed 11 runs to win and 10 to draw. The West Indies won by the thinnest possible margin. Sarwan deserves the Man of the Match award for his 98 not out.

The 5-match series is spectacularly levelled at 1-1.

Borders of Insincerity

Harper's magazine published the Muhammed cartoons in its recent edition and Borders Books hasn't banished the mag from its stores. Such was not the case with Free Inquiry in late March. Robert Bidinotto offers his view:

Borders's silent hypocrisy -- its furtive reversal of position, without comment, hoping nobody will notice -- only confirms the sheer gutlessness of that corporation. My disgust remains, as does my personal unwillingness ever to spend another cent in its stores.

The Da Vinci Code Cracked

A scathing review via Polipundit:

The film is a disaster from beginning to end – not only does Dan Brown’s retarded story become even more ridiculous when amplified and projected on screen, the movie version manages to be crushingly dull. Everything written about the book lately says that it reads like a treatment for a movie, but the movie being outlined is one without a real plot. The characters run from clue to clue, and it’s not until about an hour has gone by that you realize you don’t care. The bad news is that you still have about an hour and a half of this bloated beast to sit through.


I am waiting for only one movie this year. Take a guess. Here's the answer.

Facing the Elephant

Blue Crab Boulevard:

I have been on three separate convoys that were attacked with improvised explosive devices (the infamous IED of the Iraq War), one of which exploded directly in front of my truck. I have stood over the broken bodies of Islamic contractors, victims of attacks and accidents, waiting for MEDEVAC helicopters and knowing there was literally nothing I could do to stop those men from dying. I have a combat action badge, and I wear the "Screaming Eagle," the famed patch of the 101st Airborne Division, on my right shoulder, denoting that I've been deployed to a combat zone under the aforementioned command.

Link via Done With Mirrors.

The Falcon-Islamist Nexus

Lee Kaplan:

To Arab oil sheiks falcon hunting is a passion beyond compare. Birds regularly command prices of $25,000 and can go for as much as $1 million. Since his youth, Alan Parrot (yes, that’s really his name, pronounced Pa Ro) has raised and trained these birds of prey in a part of the world where many aspire to hunt bigger game—Americans and Westerners.

The oil ticks will never change.

Say No To Gender Apartheid

Concerned UCI Student:

As per usual, the UC Irvine Muslim Student Union tried to segregate men to the speaker's right and women to the speaker's left. At least one brave individual refused to go along, even after private and public requests to move - BRAVO!


Events on University grounds by student groups are subject to the rules of the University. Segregation by sexes cannot be imposed, by MSU, the Hillel, or anyone else. At Long Beach State, a student was kicked out of a Malik Ali speech by Jeff Klaus, in charge of student programs, for sitting on the “women’s side.” He later had to escort the student back into the women’s “side” when he received word from his bosses that he was totally out of line. The MSA leader Ahmad had a hysterical fit.


Charles gets a report from a reader.


Dr. Sanity:

... the fact that the MSM and the left desperately want to believe Al Qaeda and chaos are winning is like a beacon of hope to the murderers and terrorists. They know they have lost militarily and politically; but they are hoping that their useful idiot brigade here in the U.S. and elsewhere can pull out a victory for them despite defeat.

I actually think of them as the useful infidel brigade, though in this context both references are correct.

Recently, the blatant manner in which the NYTimes told the world that Zarqawi is not a moron was another shining example of their bias.

The Germans Can See


Germans are growing increasingly negative over Islam and concern is rising over the country's Muslim minority, a recently released poll shows.

You don't say.

Some 91 per cent said they associated Islam with oppression of women, up from 85 per cent in 2004.

The mightiest nation in Europe correctly views Islam as repressive. Now, the question is what will the politicians do about it?

Link via Jihad Watch.

Easy Compliance With Vista

TG Daily:

In a new scheme which could be credited for being somewhat less confusing than the previous scheme, Microsoft admits that Windows Vista can at least run on a machine with as little as an 800 MHz CPU and 512 MB of RAM. It is this 800 MHz CPU that Microsoft calls a "modern processor" - in last month's version of the "Vista Capable" tier, Microsoft left open to interpretation. This month, Microsoft is not even prescribing a minimum hard drive size for a system to qualify as "Vista Capable."

It was really strange to note the abominable requirements for Vista just a few months ago. As the article points it, there used to be five different levels of Vista-readiness. It is likely that PC manufacturers had a little talk with Microsoft about the asininity of the whole thing and now as a result we've only two tiers of Vista compliance.

I still think that Vista will undergo a very slow adoption. Though, not as slowly as I had thought at the beginning of this year.