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[This post is about an Indian movie. Proceed at your own risk.]

Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind:

“Rang De Basanti” is an over-hyped piece of tripe.

Whoa! I watched the movie last month with a friend and got a similar feeling when the damn thing ended. It was like watching a wheel that spun furiously but upon closer inspection one realized that the hamster was dead.

I joked that the director should have killed off the character of Aamir Khan instead of the air force pilot. Now, that would have made the movie more interesting. My friend didn't appreciate the humor. He said, "You're not an Indian! You don't understand the movie."

"Having a certain nationality is not a prerequisite for comprehending the silly movie." I didn't say that, I just thought it. The "passion" of RDB rubbed off on my friend but still, passion for what? Improving the nation by murdering politicians!?

The ending was quite shocking to me. The actions of the "heroes" and the "villains" made little sense. The good guys take over a radio station and broadcast their, ahem, logic, something they could have done before resorting to a couple of murders. Of course, the bad guys, the police, want to kill all the unarmed good guys.

Anyway, an unintentional piece of humor in the movie: Paathshala, the song, starts off with these lyrics: Lose Control! The movie had subtitles and the subtitle for those two words was, "Loose Control".


Akash Sen

Killing of the politician is not justified. Neither is it justified for the Indian Govt. to buy outdated MIG fighter planes, allegedly for kickbacks, and thereby to put the heads of the pilots under guillotine. I think, if nemesis had to be imparted to the corrupt politicians, the story could have been formulated otherwise. Except this, I believe Rang De Basanti is an excellent movie in every respect. So I only hope that the audience would separate out the milk and throw away the water. To discard the milk along with water may be self-depriving.

Isaac Schrödinger

"Killing of the politician is not justified."

Plus, the rich but oh-so-neglected kid could have not killed his corrupt dad.

"... separate out the milk and throw away the water."

Imagine the number of Indian movies we'd enjoy if that was possible. At least, you admit that there is some water present. That friend of mine gives the movie, "a 10 out of 10". At best, I give it a 7 (I'm soft on movies that have Rahman's music).

Akash Sen

Agree to your point. But when you make a big budget movie like Rang de Basanti, your first and foremost target is to do well in Box-Office or at least to get back the production costs. You know why? Because survival of a lot of people -- starting from the director, the producer to the actors to thousands of technicians and various other crew and their families -- are staked on the revenues of the movie. It is no joke and far more urgent than addressing moral questions in a manner to sweeten everybody's palate. Unfortunately, there exists no fixed formula to win this bet. Gripping story, super acting performances, melodious scores and marvelous locations are necessary but may not be sufficient. Rang De Basanti is a tremendous Box-office hit regardless of it’s being moralistically acceptable or not. This is a grand success in its own weight. Therefore, I believe, it is now time to find out the reasons why people thronged the theatres en masse to watch this movie. At this moment this question makes more sense than any particular individual’s liking or dislike of the movie.

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