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What the Hell!?

Islam and Slavery

Times Online via LFG!!!:

The Sunday Times has established that Gul Khan, a wealthy militant who uses the base of Jamaat-ud Daawa (JUD) near Lahore, is behind a cruel trade in boys aged six to 12.

They are abducted from remote Christian villages in the Punjab and fetch nearly £1,000 each from buyers who consign them to a life of misery in domestic servitude or in the sex trade.

Sometimes, Pakistani criminal gangs cut off a limb or two of such kids and then leave them in the street to beg. Later, the demons make rounds during the night to collect the money and in return feed the kids.

When I was in Karachi in the early 90s, I often saw such amputees in the bazaar. These beggar kids and men usually had their feet cut off at the knees. They were utterly helpless. Who knows if they "worked" for a master or not?

Do note that Islam didn't abolish slavery. Muhammed, the infallible prophet of Islam, had plenty of sex-slaves. Ergo, slavery is halaal (permitted in Islam).

The Islamists in Pakistan kidnapped Christian boys. This practice has a long history. Suleiman the Magnificent, arguably the most powerful Muslim ruler of the last millennium, would "ask" for the first-born sons of his Christian subjects. He would instill the ideology of Jihad in these martial slaves and later use them in battle. You see, the large boundary of the Ottoman Empire required a physical presence.

Today, the Christian kids are used for financial purposes by Al Qaeda. In the end, the objective remains the same: Jihad.


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