Jews as Dhimmis in Israel
Exploiting the Poor

Illuminating Reactions

Abu Sinan is vexed to the point where English suffers:

She's coming to America to make a further fortune here plying her lies and half truths amoungst the neo-con and right right Christian cabal here. A middle class girl who married her cousin lied and made herself into a woman fleeing a worn torn country to leave behind a forced marriage and possible honour killings.

Daniel Pipes and the other Islamophobes are going to love her. She is no more credible than she is.

She is!

Now, time for Umar Lee to chime in:

The favorite Muslim of the West, that is an apostate who has become wealthy and famous scapegoating Muslims, Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali, has admitted that she lied in order to get her Dutch Citizenship and will now be kicked out of the parliament and will likely be stripped of her Dutch Citizenship. Who says good things never happen?

Such comments say a lot.


David Boxenhorn

An odd comment, considering that this is representative of what "right right Christian cabal" thinks.

Isaac Schrödinger

Amusing link.

Plus, Hirsi Ali is an atheist. Why would she get any support from the "right right Christian cabal"?

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