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The Big Pharaoh doesn't agree with the idea of a hijab / head cover.

Several people accuse me of wanting Egyptians to stop being religious so I would have my dream country. This is far from the truth. All what I am against is this current form of religiosity that places so much importance on outer appearances and neglects everything that has to do with the core inner values. Today, mosques are full during prayers, the vast majority of girls cover their hair, and churches are full on Sunday. My question is: did this make us better people? No it didn't. Crime is rising, corruption is skyrocketing, sectarian strive is eating the national social fabric, and a girl can't enjoy the simple right of walking the streets wearing something she chose to wear without getting verbally harrassed due to the sexual frustration that this type of religiosity has inflicted upon the youth. So, no, this religiosity has not made us better people. As far as I am concerned, it made us more stupid.

That's very bold of him.



Certainly well said! and this is what is happening more and more in Malaysia too.. the [Malay Muslims] are getting more and more caught up in appearances and superficiality, they are forgetting about true understanding. And as more and more people grow up not really understanding their religion, and just swallow hook line and sinker what others spew at them, well, that's the best way to continue propagating lies / "deviant" interpretations, which are assumed to be "correct". Not that I would know the true true from the misguided.. all I know is a lot of what is deemed "Islamic" here doesn't sit well with me, and I wonder how much of it is really religion vs cultural practices, y'know?

Isaac Schrödinger

Amir Taheri: "Muslim women, like women in all societies, had covered their head with a variety of gears over the centuries. These had such names as rusari, ruband, chaqchur, maqne'a, and picheh among others. All had tribal, ethnic and generally folkloric origins and were never specifically associated with religion. In Senegal, Muslim women wore a colorful headgear but went topless."

[Emphasis mine.]

Recently, Islamists tried to stamp out the dance rituals of Bangladeshi girls since that behavior is "not Islamic". It's painful to see the influence of Islamism grow, bit by bit, in practically every Muslim country.

Today, only the Islamic interpretations of the Saudis are considered "authentic". The cultural diversity of the many Muslim-majority nations is being erased to make way for a huge Islamist blob.

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