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The Netherlands Surrenders

Michael Galien, a Dutch blogger, has spectacular news. Ayaan Hirsi Ali will soon leave the Netherlands for the US.

Robert Spencer on May 13, 2006:

Ayaan, come to America. For all its faults, it may be civilization's last redoubt.

Blue Crab Boulevard:

What a horribly sad day for the Netherlands. Losing a voice for freedom is a terrible thing.

Actually, it's more like an expulsion of a voice for freedom.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali applied for asylum in the Netherlands in 1992. Hirsi Ali couldn't have possibly imagined that fourteen years later, she would, in effect, apply for asylum in another nation.

The boundary of the Free West is shrinking.

This serves as a dark warning for the Americans. They are witnessing the slow obliteration of liberal values in Europe, thanks to Islamism and multiculturalism. America must continue to fight the Islamists and not allow herself to be intimidated by the evil of our age.

For, where would Hirsi Ali go if the US were to give in?



will she be saved in US... ? its not time to run but to face those jhadis..

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