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American Supremacy in 2030?

The Futurist:

One of the most popular dinner party conversation topics is the possibility that the United States will be joined or even surpassed as a superpower by another nation, such as China.  China has some very smart people, a vast land area, and over four times the population of the US, so it should catch up easily, right?  Let's assess the what makes a superpower, and what it would take for China to match the US on each pillar of superpowerdom.

I think that in the coming decades the more interesting rivalry will be between India and China. In 15-20 years, India will have a higher population than China. Both these nations have experimented with socialism and, of course, failed. So, now they are immersing themselves in capitalism. I wouldn't be surprised if in 2030 the overall GDP of India is greater than the economy of China.

Link via OPFOR.


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