Creeping Islamism
06 . 28 . 06

A Thermonuclear Fisking

Walid Shoebat, an ex-Muslim, rhetorically obliterates Ramzi Sfeir. An excerpt:

Ramzi: We are VICTIMS!

Walid: Only racists claim victimhood when they ignore what they do to others.

We chased 850,000 Jews out of Arab lands. Are they too, not victims?

Suck it up. Grow up. Quit your belly aching, and stop that victimhood paranoia.

Arabs lost homes.

Jews lost homes.

Arabs want their homes back.

Jews don’t.

I have the ultimate solution for your “victimhood” problem:

No one has a right of return, neither Arabs who left in 48 and 67 have a right to return to Israel, and neither Jews who left in 48 have a right of return to Arab lands.

This should end all this mess.

Yet you will not agree to that.

Walid Shoebat knows about the culture of hate that exists in Islamic nations and he's quite frank about it. This is something that many Westerners can't comprehend. You see, in the West, the society is geared towards conflict resolution. Individuals, of course, will always quarrel over one thing or another but the overall Western culture puts a premium on law, stability and peace.

For those brought up in the West, it's, thus, shocking to hear of a culture where the religious leaders (imams), religious schools (madrassas) and regular course ware pump poison into the young. "Don't befriend the infidels", "The Jews and the Christians loath the Muslims", and "Make war on the infidels" are just the tip of the black iceberg. To top it off, the Muslims have the chutzpah to say that they are the victims.

Walid wasn't fooled by that old canard.

Link via Discarded Lies.


Ramzi Sfeir

Hello ,

Yes, thats me, The Ramzi Sfeir that contacted Mr. Shoe…. Well, first of all, i suggest that you learn that around every letter, there is a context that only the person in question can understand. And i think that its very very important to note that after this letter came two other letters making my views clearer and explaining my positions ( I have the RIGHT to have my own views and positions) But for sure, Mr. Shoe… never cared about the other letters. Anyways, having said that , i suggest that you review your sources and i suggest that you get informed about the context, because this letter, taken out from its context is horrible, i admit it! here is a clear idea of my position :

1 - The sufferings of the Palestinians under occupation and those of the israelis under threat must be officially recognized and respected!

2 - Our conflict is a territorial conflict, therefor religion needs to stay on as second degree.

3 - Any person who questions the suffering of one side and forgets about the other ( In this Case, Mr. Shoebat), has something missing in his morals. To be clearer : You know very well what happens when you tell a jew that the Shoah never took place! You HURT HIM! and nobody has any right to hurt anyone! Human relations must be based on respect!

4 - One can never put all a population in a same unique category! Not all palestinians are terrorists, not all palestinians are islamists, not all jews are zionists, and everyone has the right to have his very own beliefs and political affiliations. (Mr. shoebat In my eyes is not a Palestinian Anymore because he is far away from the Palestinian way of life, he left when he was 18 and he must be around 50 Now… his views don’t fit in our political arena! He is not Israeli either because his views are not welcomes by many in israe either. Anyways, the idea of being part of a nation is clear : Common past, common present , common future and dream, and to me, a person who doesnt want to see a Future palestinian state is not a palestinian. Its just my definition.

5 - Peace in the area must be the result of negotiated agreements with the two sides being on the same equal grounds and with no one giving order to the other. No one has the right to patronize anyone and the dreams of the two nations must be taken into consideration.

6 - The question of fundementalism is 3 Years old in the Palestinian territories and is much older in israel , this question is a big problem and a growing one because SIMPLY, when you are not allowed to have any kind of contact with the other side, anything anyone tells you becomes the Reality, YOUR REALITY! You dont know us, and we dont know you! The solution is a SOCIAL PERMANENT DIALOG! and Mr. Shoebat opposes it!

7 - The palestine that 90% of the palestinians talk has nothing to do with the historic palestine! we just want our 1967 armistice Line! The United Nations PALESTINE! Thats what we want and all the claims of 1948 are nothing but pure halucinations! For both sides by the way….

now , you have a better view of my positions! I consider this letter void and irrelevant. If you want to have more information, here is my Email ””.

Thank you.

Ramzi Sfeir

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