Segregation of the Sexes
It's All About Zarqawi

Slouching Towards Burqa

Often in Saudi Arabia, I would come across certain pages of magazines that would look odd. Upon closer inspection, it would become clear that someone had taken a black marker to "cover up" the flesh of the various women in the advertisements. Devilish parts such as ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows and arms would no longer be visible to the Muslims of Arabia, thus saving them from doom and certain blindness.

Today, we get the news that a brothel in Germany was threatened; it was told to remove or "cover up" the flags of Saudi Arabia and Iran in an infidelicious poster. After looking at the huge ad, I wonder for how long the titillating women in advertisements in the West remain burqa-free.

The Religious Policeman offers his take.



That's going to take a whole lot of magic markers.

Isaac Schrödinger

In this tech age, few markers will be involved--it'll be simply (photoshop) magic.

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