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The multicultural mindset reaches its absurd dead end, unable to recognize either true heroism or true evil, in this unbelievably sick review of “United 93”.

It is quite puerile, especially this part:

10 percent of the movie's opening-weekend grosses are going to the United 93 memorial fund. Um, excuse me: TEN PERCENT?!! Of the OPENING-WEEKEND GROSSES?!!! Leaving aside the moral and ethical quandaries of selling a family member's death to Hollywood bigwigs (which should be paramount above all else), why would anyone choosing this path accept anything less than 100 percent of every bloody penny that this thing makes? In effect, this says to me that Universal and its subsidiaries, with the full complicity of the United 93 families, have deemed every person involved in the tragedy to be less-than-10 percent human beings, revivified corpses, essentially, whose total worth is dictated by the amount of cash mustered in a standard movie-going weekend.

Just see how this logic applies to other movies: James Cameron made money from a tragedy (the sinking of the Titanic); Spielberg and crew got rich because of the blood of millions (Saving Private Ryan); Terry George earned his bucks from a genocide (Hotel Rwanda).

The only "proper" way to make movies about wars, atrocities, and death would be to make not a single penny from the box office (donate all the money to charity and organizations). Yeah, that's a good incentive.



A good question to ask in response would be "How much of the profit generated by his movie did Michael Moore give to 9/11 victims?"

Isaac Schrödinger

I am sure Moore gave it all to the 9/11 victims.

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