Putting $3 in Perspective

Portrayal of Women

Dil-e-Nadaan learns some fine points from a Pakistani soap opera:

1) Women should stay up till their husbands come home (even if the hour is post 2 a.m.) to warm up their dinner. Lesson Learned: You can be a civil engineer, a business tycoon and an orthopedic surgeon yet you can’t use the microwave?!?!

It's a "respect" thing.

3) When woman’s fiancée leaves her for another woman. And when said fiancée’s parents force him to return and marry original woman. Original Woman stands by her cheating, lying, no-good fiancée and says she will be there for him forever. Lesson Learned: No matter what man does, woman should “stand by him forever.”

Yup. I have relatives who don't leave marriages where there is abuse, both verbal and physical. They really have no place to go if they were to get a divorce. Plus, since many marriages are between cousins, a divorce could cause friction within a family. So, such women suffer silently for "peace".


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