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Pony Up, Infidel!

Charles links to a list of demands by Swedish Muslims. For example:

A mosque in every city or county would have significant value to the Muslims of the country. It would be seen as a recognition of the existence of Muslims and Islams right to exist in Sweden.

As opposed to the present atmosphere in Sweden where Islam is outlawed and Muslims are flogged for owning a Quran. Oops, I confused Islam and Sweden with Christianity and Saudi Arabia. My bad.

Sweden can't win with this one. If Sweden gives money to Muslims, then it'll be taken as jizya. If Sweden doesn't, then Wahabbis will happily fill the vacuum. Either way, the mosques will be off-limits to the infidels. Thus, they'll be perfect for Islamist propaganda and ammunition (the kind that goes boom). Those who think that this scenario is far-fetched should look at what happened in Fallujah and the outcome of the raid at Finsbury Park Mosque in London.

Here's another demand:

To support the establishment of Islamic elementary schools in densely populated areas with many Muslims where Muslim students would have the opportunity to study in homogeonous groups could reinforce the students cultural and religious identity and this way many of the problems that Muslim students meet every day would very simply be eliminated, among other things Native Language, religious education, the issue of Muslim food, the gymnastics [physical education] question, and there could be a concrete way of helping girls and boys from Muslim countries to participate in segregated swimming classes and thereby graduate with a school diploma.

My reaction to this heinous demand was visceral. To see why, just click here. Western governments must seriously monitor such schools for two reasons:

  1. To check whether the students are being nourished on hatred or not.
  2. To make sure that corporal punishment doesn't go unpunished.

Good luck Sweden. I sincerely hope that you folks have a backbone.


Doubting Thomas

Incredible. They're demanding a separate state within Sweden, for all intents and purposes. Why should Sweden fund their own colonization? Anyone who won't let their girls swim in a class with boys should be deported. The Swedes are such idiots that they'll probably go along with this.

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