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[Originally published on April 07, 2006.]

A few months from now, or perhaps as late as the summer of 2007, I'll have a hearing in front of a Refugee Board in Canada.

Right now, I'm in the process of sending the Canadian government several papers. I've been asked to present documentation (newspaper articles, human rights reports) which details the reasons for my claiming refugee protection in Canada. I've allotted myself around two weeks [deadline: April 24, 2006] to marshal the core evidence for my case.

As I was thinking about the various sources, it hit me: Why not ask you for support? If you've come across any news, op-eds, or similar writings that specifically mentions Pakistan, its people, and the treatment of ex-Muslims there, then let me know. You can leave a comment in this post, send a trackback ping, or email me.

If the Refugee Board rejects my case, then I'll be deported to the country where the adorable top cleric thinks that:

“if a state is truly Islamic” it would have to kill the apostate.

If the Refugee Board grants me protection, then my case could be used as support for future Pakistani ex-Muslims. So, in a way, your help could mean a great deal for a lot of dispirited souls.

It's nice to have my own Army Division Battalion Company of Davids!

Update April 10, 2006
Many thanks to Aussie Dave.

Update April 11, 2006
I am grateful for the comments and blog posts regarding this serious matter. My family and Muslim friends are not aware of my apostasy. It is thus profoundly moving to get such support and good wishes.

I thank you.



How would you prove that you are a murtaad?


I'll keep an eye out.


Good luck to you. If I can help you, I will.


Hey maybe I should ask some of the Pakistani's we have around here for you.

David Boxenhorn

Good luck, man.

Isaac Schrödinger

Thank you all.

David Ben Aryan NOT


you write well,

I am a muslim, I understand some of your frustrations.

but I just have some questions for you:

1) Do you blame the driver or the car if a drunk driver drives a car and causes an accident?

2) If a christian or a muslim or a buddhist or a hindu does something bad, do you blame the person or the religion?

Point is:

Ok, you got problems with the actions of muslims. Granted that criticism is impt, it helps a person improve himself.

BUT, give the religion a break, actions in Saudi are also moulded by the culture and history of the people, and not all of it is from Islam alone.

I got a suggestion for you:

Why dont you switch off all media (multi and mass media) for a month or so, read the Quran, read abt the Prophets (PBUH) life, pray to God in howsoever manner you wish, tell HIM your problems with Islam/Muslims/Society/Saudi/With anything.

Then think abt your decision.

Saudi or other elements do not define or 'own' or set the standards for Islam or Muslim.

so think abt your actions. I wish you the best.

If I said anything wrong or hurtful, pls forgive me.


David Ben Aryan NOT's advice to switch off the media and think is good general advice for anyone. I've given it myself.

But if returning to Pakistan as a non-Muslim puts a person's life at risk, that's not anything a little contemplation can fix. Ah, you say, but if the contemplation causes one to return to Islam, then the problem is solved. True, but what if it doesn't?


Well, according to an article that you yourself linked:

"Nina Shea, director of global rights group Freedom House's centre for religious freedom, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, said that of these countries, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Mauritania and Comoros make it punishable by death."

So you've got documented evidence that anyone who converts from the Muslim faith can legaly be executed in Pakistan. It's in their legal code. Whether or not they're likely to kill you is irrelevant - the fact that the government has laid down a law which states that you CAN be killed for abandoning your religion should be a more than good enough reason to keep you in Canada.

Now all you have to prove is that you're no longer a Muslim. The writings on this blog should do just fine as evidence. If not, I would be more than happy to stand in front of the refugee board and testify to that effect on your behalf. I'll be living in Toronto for at least a couple more months; if there's anything I can do, feel free to e-mail me.


Ben David Aryan NOT,

My guess is that Isaac left Islam because he realised there was something very wrong with the religion (and NOT the people who are still deceived by the lies of a false prophet).

Perhaps you should switch of Islam for a month and study 3 or 4 other major religions. Maybe your eyes would open to higher sprituality of truely peaceful religions.

David Ben Aryan NOT


I hope u dont return to pakistan, not the best place for u I reckon.

If u dont return to the fold, well its ur fate.

Actually God does not need us.
We need HIM.

so I hope you think thru your decisions and are sure of what you are doing, cos its ur life mate.

Siddhartha Vicious

d b a NOT;

"so I hope you think thru your decisions and are sure of what you are doing, cos its ur life mate."

I think the point is that he DID think it through, and decided that Islam was not for him. The trouble is that Muslim leaders DO NOT think it his own life, but theirs to take if he no longer believes as they think he should.

No amount of contemplation is going to turn Islam, as practiced today in the countries which identify themselves as Islamic, into a religion for someone who wants to think for himself.

Mr T


Found an article here.

"Blasphemy Laws and Intellectual Freedom in Pakistan":


Good luck.


Hi Isaac,

I wish you luck and am sure that the super-liberal Canada will gather its wits for enough time to understand your case.

I am spreading the word meanwhile.


Hi Issac- Good Luck - I would think you have a good case. I'll keep an eye out for any doucments. I just wanted to lend my support.

Interested party

Tons of stuff, just google pakistan apostate.



Just check http://www.faithfreedom.org/ there are a lot of truth hanging out there, and if you ask the author
ok i know, http://www.faithfreedom.org/ is mounted by islam as a site showing hate for islam, but you will get your the prove you want, as there is a claim that if proved wrong site will be removed, and information laying out there is really accepted truthful, you can also use the case of Afgan convert, and can show how many similarties are there between conservative taliban & Pakistan..

a Human supporting Freedom,


for Isaac Schrödinger,
what do you think, turning of media will work, hey if you are muslim, better you stop the whole stupidness muslims are making around the globe... it seems u r german, then take german example...
there are christian convent schools around the world, but christains never hijacked a school ever, and look in german capital berlin, muslim kids hijacked a school.., i hope you know the case, they broadcasted it for 1 hour non-stop.. without advertisement nearly on every channel on radio and TV... still a trackball for you, who seems to have closed radio and TV and have ignored the whole crimes from religion of Peace

ok shift to other side of globe, islam has problem with freedom of press, yes. now lets look how islam want us to show media news, i am taking a example of world largest democracy.. India
Oh... Hold on , does it means Hindus killing Hindus..
Lets check what says editors of BBC, which are suffering from dhimitude...

now read a more detailed version of news, still not complete coverage, which has taken 2 hrs for me to track out on google, Please also remeber each news says different story, one says Hindus were celebrating navratri, other says ramnavmi... 2 totally different fest, with different theme, but occurs usually on same day. man muslims in past too have tried to have tried to play with media in israel.. but was caught
and this time too there are several Question in this issue


Man i am a Hindu, and i never compalined or never have said anything when your imam cries like a dog 5 times a day next to a lautspracher, as well as i also never complained or have killed muslims when the stupid buzzer rangs the whole city as early as 4 AM from your mosque in days of sahadat and ramazan...

Please give us a good reason, why we should ignore even that small drop news what we are getting..
In short, we can't imagine a Imam screwing our childern, either its a Hindu or a christ, by luck Hindu priest dont act in Pedophilia and Pederasty, and a if a few christian priest were involved in such acts, they were punished, can you tell me any such voice from islam to stop it, but islamic teaching support this..

for those who can't access the link, as i suppose many peoples from Islamic countries, here is the teachings
"A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. If he penetrates and the child is harmed then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl, however would not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl's sister."
its taken from book "Tahrir-ol-Masael" written from one of the well known islamic spritual leader Khomeini.

sir, i m Quite respectful and stright to you, you feel offended, better ask your Imams and community to put voice and take action against terrorist, instead of saying us to close all sources of information, we are grown up like this, if we criticise USA for its policies, then we also have right to critisise the way "Religion of Peace" is killing Humanity.

what i can say else,
just as if you are german,
I will say
Machst gut,
du voll trottel...

David Ben Aryan NOT

lets hear from Schrödinger. wat does he wanna do?

dude u wanna take a hiatus from media sensory overload and think? ponder/meditate/mediate/consult on your life and where its headed, think abt the hereafter too.

Dont judge Islma or any other religion by the actions of some people or cuntries.

watever ur decision, i hope u become a canuck
its a beautiful place, but a bit too cold though :)


Hi Isaac
One of my chinese friend has been kidneped by chinese governemtn. He is not as lucky as you to live in Canada. I wish you get your immigration problem solved. I request you to put the information about my chinese friend Hao Wu on your blog.

There is his blog

Info on Hao Wu

Save How Wu link

All the people who are reading comments on this site if you can please help spreading the word around.



David, you are right...
but i m really frustrated with all what West and Islam is doing in Asia,

Rice say's they want Democracy in world, though Americans are running terror websites against indian democracy.

who has suffered till now, Indian's... remember from coldwar till now, we have nearly everyday a Islamic terror attack here in india, not even Media want to show how a basic Indian is suffering... reality is the sufi side of Islam, which is most polite side of Islam was also grounded to convert Asians to Muslim's.. where those who dont accept Islam are killed making Largest holocaust of world.

we had still given love to islamic peoples, but this has crossed its limit now, we Indians are feeling now that muslims dont understand language of love. if Islam dont want to live with peace then what step we can take... i totally disagree issac's point to turn off media...
though he claims
"even though i've been raised as a mussulman, i'm not one of them"
but perhaps he forget that the way he is treating is somewhere ignoring the facts and supporting the terror instead of openly condemning them... what do u think. even if this person who needs help in canada, even gets through, what will happen later..
Islamic terrorist will kill them, just because we are ignoring the realities by turning off our media units

turning of media is not a solution..


hey perfektm
Where is Isaac supporting terrorism? I am a regular reader of his blog and he probably is more anti-terrorist than you or me. It is this David NOT guy who is asking issac to become muslim again. Please read carefully the comments and the blog. BTW FYKI I am also an indian.


Well if you think, Issac is more anti-terrorist than you or me.then i will say sorry for hurting his emotions, as its really true that when i see a muslim, i only think of a terrorist. as i can't see any more of such terror and discrimination of human in name of religion...
it seems u r too active in blogs and stuff, as u claimed so surely about issac is anti-terrorist, i visited his blog 1st time by misstyping google query,

but wouls like you to check this discrimination, i think you can stop a comming gujrat in india. just see why a lot of hindus are feeling discriminated now....
read 3 of these links...


more of such is posted on jihadwatch.. if u wanna see
and see how govt. has neglected killing of hindus, those who died in incident were hindus, beside this now we even dont have right to pray peacefully. even in fast polishing of truth, media even forget to think which festival should they opt, Ramnavmi or Navratri... remember both are celebrated in totally different way, and ramnavmi has nothing to be done at night time, as lord rama was born in day time.

Ignorance has a limit, its like we are moving back to mughal rules... perhaps soon they will kill who will celebrate holi or diwali...

Oh they are already killing, do u forgot diwali bomb blast ....

i m just speaking, and removing this harshness away from me, but i think those who have not got a chance for this... they will really errupt like a volcano killing thousand innocent good muslims too... if there are any good muslims.

David Ben Aryan NOT

hi perfektm,

You dont make much sense with your last comment.

I hope you take it in the right spirit, but can you attend a kindergarten or even nursery, so that you are better prepared in grammar and sentence construction skills.
Perhaps start with mastering the English alphabet first (A, B, C, ....)

Dear kafir,

I am NOT asking Isaac to become a Muslim. I am asking him to RECONSIDER his decision.

No one can force/ask/threaten anyone to become anything.

I can only put it to him to think through his decision thoroughly and hopefully of course to reconsider it, but it has to come from him.

There is no forced reversion/conversion in Islam.


Mr David NOT
Comments of perf were meant for me so they are not to be understood you paki arab wanna be muslims. Surprized how I found out you are a paki? Its the stress you are putting on the knowledge of english. Thats soooo south asian. When you want to insult someone you say "Oh you cant even speak english"
What was that oh you are a syed and you are decendant of muhammad. I would suggest you to read the book by Naipaul called among the believers but then again muslims have their head buried deep in sand and they can only see sand and eat sand and chant la ilaha al sand, worm arrasulsandah. There is no forced "Reversion" in islam? Oh you gotta be kidding me? Did you know that your great^6 mum was raped by arabs and how your great^6 dad was forced to accept islam or die well then again Muhammad was the best amongst men wasnt he? Dear !David Isaac was raised as a muslim and he realized how stupid cult islam is and thats why he quit! You understand the meaning of Quit? He Quit and so must you. I will do my own dawah. !david come out of darkness of foolishness and stupidity. Join humnity. You too can be a human believe me when I say that. Take some inspiration from Isaac. He joined humanity and left evil cult of islam. I love you and I want you to be saved too. !David its just that you are sick. You have the virus of Islamic cult. Once you get rid of this virus you will see the world as it is.
I have awakened many souls and rid them of islam I wish you are saved too.

David Ben Aryan NOT

hi kafir,

I am not a Pakistani (Paki is Pakistani right?), but am a Muslim.

Anyway, you might wanna take care of sentence construction before you post? - just a suggestion.

I only had those comments for perfektm cos he wasnt making much sense
- sorry if it hurt you perfektm ;)

Anyway, I figured we were commenting on Isaac...,
so lets not waste his bandwidth mate.

I thought South Asians meant Indians, Sri Lankans, etc etc. and not just Pakistanis (I couldnt resist, sorry) ;)


David Not
You dont understand sarcasm do you? (I couldnt resist, sorry ;))

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