A Familiar Brother
Strangling the Canary

Driving in Hell

The Saudi Gazette:

A WOMAN driving at a speed of 160km/hr was stopped by road patrol on the Madina-Qasim expressway recently, reported Okaz newspaper. Police were surprised when they found a woman in her 30s behind the wheel, while her younger brother was sleeping comfortably in the back seat. They were both taken to the police station where they stayed until the woman’s husband came to release them. He was forced to take a pledge that the incident would never repeat itself.

Have you ever read a more unintentionally misogynistic paragraph? The woman was taken into custody not for speeding but for the fact that she is a...she. Later, the husband, her legal guardian, has to promise, in effect, that he will make sure that she doesn't get into trouble again.

But remember, Islam treats women with the utmost respect.

Link via The Religious Policeman whose post is even more depressing.


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