Aaiieeee 7: Return of the Mobo
Understanding Jihad

Almost Dying in Pakistan

After applying for refugee protection in Canada earlier this month, I kept a calm demeanor as I went about filling out the applications.

On the night of April 9, I found myself in a building in Karachi, Pakistan. My family used to live in an apartment there when we went to Pakistan for our annual trips. I started walking up the stairs towards our place. I saw many relatives along the way. They greeted me by smiling and choking me. I had to force their hands off from my neck. This unusual hospitality continued as I went up the stairs.

As I reached the last few steps, my mother came out from our apartment and started choking me. I pushed her hands away. I wanted to say, "What the hell are you doing!?" But it wasn't possible as my neck was soar and I couldn't produce an audible voice.

At this point, I woke up with sweat trickling down my face. I quickly stepped out of bed and got a glass of water while thinking, "What the hell was that?" I came back to bed where my pillow was soaked. It took some time for me to go into REM.

I haven't encountered such torment in a dream for a long time. The subconscious doth have a wicked sense of humor.


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