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Western Resistance:

A report from today's Telegraph relates the unpleasant news that pro-Islamic municipal authorities in Turkey are engaged in a policy of hunting, torturing and killing hundreds of stray dogs.

I wrote last year:

I didn't see a single dog in over ten years of my sad life in Saudi Arabia. There, I only heard a dog once and it sounded like someone was beating the poor thing.

You have no idea how utterly repulsed Muslims feel when they see Westerners petting a dog on a TV show. To them, a dog is a filthy and dirty creature. They don't get how anyone could lower themselves to touch such a hideous thing. In my extended family in Pakistan, only one relative kept a dog. That dog would always be chained and kept outside for protection. More than once in Pakistan, I've seen a group of kids throw rocks at a hapless street dog and heard the terrible sounds of vicious pain.

Abuse of animals is a symptom of something far worse.



China (and other Asian countries) have no need for dogs either. There is something wrong with cultures who dislike dogs. They are hardwired to love & serve us. An excellent Twilight Zone episode was about a old man hunting with his dog, who ends up dead...


Islam does not need dogs, they have women and goats.

Sissy Willis

Cruelty to animals is a classic sign of psychopathology.

Isaac Schrödinger

>> Sissy Willis,

What does it say about a society that overall perpetuates such behavior?

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