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Shortcut to Heaven

Amit Ghate:

I submit that the Palestinians and most Islamists have not even made the choice to live -- they are in fact self-avowed death worshippers. This is something that is very difficult for good people to grasp, precisely because it is so horrible, but grasp it we must if we are to win the war they are waging on us.

The evidence for this conclusion is all around us -- from Chief Palestinian Authority cleric Mufti Sheikh Ikrimeh Sabri who states "We tell them, in as much as you love life, the Muslim loves death and martyrdom. There is a great difference between he who loves the hereafter and he who loves this world. The Muslim loves death and [strives for] martyrdom."

A side-effect of this mentality is less piousness. For example, some of the 9/11 hijackers went to a strip club before D-Day. Ipso facto, the 9/11 hijackers weren't Muslim. That "logic" is often used by some Muslims. They don't think the matter through: If murdering infidels guarantees one heaven, then there is zero harm in enjoying a few non-Islamic activities.

This part of Islam -- reserved seats in heaven for martyrs -- and the Haj have always bugged me. Both act as Get Into Heaven cards for Muslims regardless of all their sins and offenses. Of course, we might scoff at such silliness but a large portion of almost 1.5 billion people truly believe in this. And act upon it.


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