Fear and Blood
Sexy Fascism



Oh, I get it all right.

I'm beginning to wonder if we didn't make a terrible blunder by not requiring the constitutions of Afghanistan and Iraq to require basic human rights like freedom of religion.

Isaac Schrödinger

You know, it's surprising that the Americans didn't use their own Constitution as a model in Afghanistan and Iraq. Instead, these two nations put Sharia, or at least parts of it, at the center of their political sphere.

Some time ago, the overwhelming majority of Iraqis agreed on exclusively not giving a Jew/Israeli Iraqi citizenship. I was revolted by such a proud display of antisemitism.

How can these two countries succeed if they continue to build on such rotten foundations? I don't think they'll be able to challenge any Western nation but in their own neighborhoods, they'll be prosperous.


I remember reading about the bad old colonial jingoistic ethnocentric days when we wrote Japan's constitution for them. Didn't we outlaw Shinto for a while? And made the emperor go on the radio and admit to not being divine? And look at the poor downtrodden oppressed Japanese people today (cough). I think a certain clarity of vision has been lost.

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