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The Great Bong:

Terrorists are people too. Just like child molesters, the Nazis and Sanjay Kapoor. Many of them were not hugged when they were kids, some had delinquent mothers who would cook them broth in pressure cookers (which is why they use them now for bombing purposes), some grew up watching Ravi Shastri bat while others were fed a staple diet of Manoj Kumar–resulting in a pathological hatred of India and a tendency to say “Aajka din bara mahan hain” [Today is a most auspicious day] at the drop of a bomb.

What is mentioned above applies to two kind of terrorists sorry misunderstood people: the ones who come from our friendly neighbour Pakistan (whose brotherly mindset is demonstrated by them naming their missiles after invaders who raped and destoryed [sic] the Indian heartland) and the home-grown ones—the ones who do not swear allegiance to the Indian flag but to a brotherhood of Islam—where non-believers are either to be converted or killed.

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