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The background of the Avenging Apostate is quite similar to mine. We're both Pakistanis who spent a large part of our lives in Saudi Arabia. Both of us have written about our journey away from Islam. I just finished reading about his life in a series of posts here at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

If you want to learn more about the upbringing of a 'pious' Muslim, then you'll find his experience to be very illuminating.

This is right on:

Dubai does sell itself to the western world as a free state, but it actually isn’t. There are intelligence people all around you, listening to what you say all the time – keeping a close eye on what you do. Saying anything against Islam is prohibited in the UAE just like it is in Saudi Arabia. The only difference is that they don’t kill you for it – they put you in jail, fine you, and then deport you. Yes, it is free but only if you stay in the limits and boundaries provided to you by Islam. The same goes with all Islamic nations. It is Islam around me all over again and I feel suffocated.

I know that feeling all too well.



20 years ago, en route to Europe, I endured a 19 hour stop-over in Dubai. Along with 8 or 9 other Australians I was herded, and I mean that literaly, by a troop of 40 (!!) armed soldiers, into a "waiting hall" to sit out the 19 hours.No food, no beds. We were not allowed back on the plane nor into the Terminal proper. When vigorously pressed for a reason (Oh, the folly of youth!)I was informed that, as I only had 100 Pounds in travellers cheques on my person, I "could not afford" the duty free shops, so there was no reason for me to go there!!
I will NEVER forget the phalanx of heavily armed troops who sat facing us, scowling and sneering, and who escorted us everywhere we went, including the toilets, or the murderous, hate-filled looks our civility earned us. The women in our 'group' were absolutely terrified....of rape. I now know what it was they would have LIKED to do to us.
I had just left Malaysia, my first encounter with Islam. Dubai was an even sterner lesson. The ensuing 20 years have been an education, pre-occupied with Islam. Familiarity has not softened me!!!!

Isaac Schrödinger

One has to experience "Arab hospitality" to really know it.

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