The Sheaf on Its Knees
Cruel Affection

Content Dhimmis

I used to read a weekly Urdu magazine in Saudi Arabia called Akhbar-e-Jehan (roughly translated: magazine of the world). These were imported from Pakistan into the Saudi Kingdom.

Somewhere along the way, every week, these thousands of editions would be censored. Most often, advertisements and the sports page would get the magic marker treatment. You see, there would be immodest women (by Saudi-Sharia standards) showcasing various products or women tennis players with their highly visible and devilish legs that needed to be covered up.

Sometimes, entire pages from the magazines would be ripped out. What was on those pages? Hot women? Likely not since the Saudis could have "put burqas on them". I guessed, and I'm still guessing, that the missing pages contained news and articles that were in some way critical of the Saudi regime.

However, in this truly wretched situation in the US, I don't have to guess. How could Americans invite such censorship? What's next for that dim newspaper? Perhaps, no women and Jews near the news, you know, to appease the vile f-e-e-l-i-n-g-s of the Ummah.




Jauhara al Kafirah

I was punished quite often as a child with an orange HotWheels racing car track, made out of plastic. I used to dread the words our mother would say: Your dad is gonna give you the ORANGE STICK. Now that I think about it, using that track on us was way beyond cruel, because it was a Christmas present we'd all been clamoring for. Nothing says "I love you", like getting beaten with a toy you'd wanted all year.

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