I'll Take Islam for $2000, Alex

Who Wants It More?

Brian Tiemann on the Cartoon Jihad.

We're responding to this situation in the Western way to which we've become so accustomed that it sustains the existence of an entire overclass of lawyers: firing newspaper editors, proposing legislation, drafting formal apologies, holding committee meetings, debating endlessly over legal precedent and the philosophy of the rule of law. What we don't do is torch embassies or march by the thousands in city streets, except when the issue is our own involvement in something so primitive and degrading to our civilized values as "war". For the most part, we'll do anything and everything to avoid conflict, up to and including changing everything about ourselves to suit the complainants. But the complainants in this case want exactly what we're all too willing to give away: our identity, our values, and our claim on the future of civilization.

Amazing how a few images--and the reactions to them--illuminate so much about two opposing sides.

Link via Cold Fury.


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