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Europe Condemns Herself to Disaster. Again.

Ugly and Tragic

Someone read this post of mine and emailed me:

i read your post starting with


and unfortunately saw that ugly,tragic

but i couldn't understand the opinion that you support

are you muslim or not?
do you like other muslims or not?
which are the muslims you like and don't like
is this photo suitable for the
"Prophet of the Religion of Peace" -as you said-?
why do you show this ugly picture?

i couldn't understand anything because of:
i didn't read your other posts (to know about you)
i don't have a fluent english
i think your post was derisive

if you have time send me explanations of these

I'll answer your questions.

1. Are you muslim or not?
No, I'm not a Muslim. Had you made the effort to actually read the "derisive" post, you would have figured that out.

2. Do you like other muslims or not?
Well, that depends on the particular Muslim. My family -- parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, and cousins -- are all Muslims. I have different feelings for them: I like some, dislike others, and there are a few who I just don't know much about and so with them I'm neutral.

3. Which are the muslims you like and don't like?
As a rule, I don't like those Muslims who believe in the superiority of Islamic law and wish to enforce it on every single inch of this planet. For example, Muslims who think that an ex-Muslim, like myself, should be hanged, beheaded or crucified... well, I just don't got the hots for them.

I don't have a problem with Muslims who wish to personally and peacefully practice Islam. Even though I vehemently disagree with their laws and customs, I respect their right to be blissfully retrograde and to be proud of it.

4. Is this photo suitable for the "Prophet of the Religion of Peace" -as you said-?
That was sarcasm; definition: witty language used to convey insults or scorn. In this case, too witty for some.

5. Why do you show this ugly picture?
Two reasons:

  1. Because I can.
  2. To show solidarity with a tiny democracy.

You too can reach The Dark Lord of the Infidels at this address.



"i didn't read your other posts (to know about you)"

The exercise of typing that sentence should have prompted the writer to stop, go back and read the other posts to know about you, and then delete the sentence.

But his or her English is not bad at all. I work with people whose English is much worse. It's nice to capitalize the pronoun "I" and the first word of a sentence, but plenty of native English speakers don't do that either.


All hail the Dark Lord of the infidels.


"Derisive" was an especially nice word and the writer was polite. It was also generous of you to answer.

Isaac Schrödinger

>> Laura,
I didn't have to reread his email to get what he was asking. So, yeah, his English isn't bad.

>> Woody,
Most impressive.

>> slickdpdx,
Had he not been polite, I wouldn't have bothered providing the answers.

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