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The Revolting Kingdom

Khaled Waleed meticulously describes how life is like for non-Muslims in Muslim lands and vice versa. He is right about this:

... very few Muslims had ever criticised Bin Ladin’s atrocities on the western people. All those crimes of Bin Laden were holy Islamic acts—in full agreement with the Islamic tenets. That is why majority Muslims are Bin Ladin’s supporters. Until today, I have not heard any Imam in Saudi Arabia who had said Bin Ladin is wrong. No Imam has, so far, declared Bin Ladin a non-Muslim or a kafir. All Imams support him—if not openly, then secretly. Being a native of Saudi Arabia and having lived here since my birth, I can certainly vouch of what I say. I hear people’s (Saudi) conversation, and they are in praise of Bin Ladin’s murder of infidels.

Decent people, such as the Israelis, lit candles for the victims of 9/11. In Canada, various shops and stores held a moment of silence.

What about Saudi Arabia? The same country the Americans saved from the wrath of Saddam in the Gulf War of 1991. What was the average Saudi reaction to the attack on the US?

They heartily celebrated upon hearing about 9/11.


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