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A terrific post by Farooha who writes about the profound differences between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. One of the big reasons many Saudis race to Bahrain, in the Mercs and BMWs, during the weekends is to get hammered.

You see, the punishment for drinking, or mere possession of alcohol, in Saudi Arabia is a swift beheading. Bahrain, for some odd reason, allows one to live for that heinous offense. So, for those in Riyadh, and even more for those in Dammam, Khobar, and Ras Tanura, Bahrain is equivalent to Las Vegas. Then again, it doesn't take much skill or effort to be liberal compared to Saudi Arabia.



It is a good post, and I hate the way her comment sections always get taken over by the same people making the same sad arguments. Her post had NOTHING to do with the RP or his blog.

Farooha talks pretty bluntly about SA on her blog, and defends it on the RP's. She also says Saudis are proud people, blah blah, as if they don't share that attribute with the rest of the human race. She reminds me so much of people I know here in the South. I decided a long time ago to quit defending the parts of our culture that are indefensible, but some people won't let go b/c of their pride. It's just human nature.

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