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What Doesn't Offend the Muslims

THE CROWD GATHERS around as tears flow down her cheeks. Her last day will be her worst. The assorted gang are allowed stones of a particular size: Not bigger than, nor smaller than one-third of, a human digit. Hence, the stones should be around one-half the size of an adult finger. The logic is to inflict the maximal pain. The objective is to stone the adulterous woman to death.


The woman is buried up to her neck as her kids watch the whole scene. The Iranian state forces the close relatives of the woman to attend the public execution. A truck pulls up with the correctly proportioned stones. The verdict is read and then the official of the regime throws the first stone.

The chanting and the barrage start. The stones smash into her delicate face. Soon, the red liquid gushes out of her forehead. The intensity of the direct hits gouges out her right eye. Her nose gets completely broken. Her teeth are torn apart. She inhales a mixture of noxious air and blood. Her face is forever lost.

She streams in and out of consciousness. Shards of bone are sent in all directions as the stones brutally chisel the region where once her face was. The last thing she hears as the crowd extinguishes her frail soul is, "Allah Akbar!"

Such is the fate of women who are found guilty of adultery in Iran. In the modern world, no other state-sanctioned punishment exceeds this heinous display of public savagery.

A FIRE BROKE out in a girl's dormitory in Makkah during March of 2002. The girls, of course, ran out of the burning building. However, the Mutaween -- the Religious Police -- wouldn't let the girls exit the building since they weren't properly covered from head to toe. At least one parent was outside the dorm looking for her daughter. He saw her come out of the blazing dorm but was powerless in front of the Mutaween. He distressingly told her to go back and get her abaya.

She never came back from the inferno.

THREE CHRISTIAN GIRLS were beheaded in October of 2005 as they were walking to their school in Indonesia.

... their heads were found 2 hours later some distance away, including one head found about 100 meters from a church.


Through some cosmic coincidence, the perpetrators of such barbarity -- the stonings in Iran, the deaths by fire in Saudi Arabia and the beheadings in Indonesia -- were Muslims. In all three cases, the acts were carried out in the name of Islam.

Today, a few benign caricatures of Muhammed in a once-obscure Danish newspaper are "causing" a Muslim meltdown. It is, thus, illuminating to see what doesn't make the Muslims go crazy.


Thanks to Isabel for the link at Western Resistance.



Powerful, Isaac.

Isaac Schrödinger

>> MBMc,

Thanks for the compliment and the link.

alija cejlanovic

aah aah , look u dont get the point my friends , In all that cases, the acts were carried out in the name of Islam , yea thats true , but think like this way , there is a football match , and one player break rival teams players' neck .The thing happened on the pitch and for the name of football ...but thats not the real rule of football so the player who did wrong sends by refree with red card... In these cases thats the same ,all of these acts done for the name of Islam but THESE ARE NOT REAL RULES of Islam , so u write it all for NOTHING ;)For see the real islam search the time of Prophet muhammed and u'll see the realities ...
Dont be silly and dont make me mad ;)


Now we see what else annoys the Muslims. If alija would spend as much time stopping these minor "rule violations" and hand out red cards to the stoners and beheaders, rather than coming here to yell at you for criticising them, then my blood pressure might not be heading for 4 digits right now. Sheesh! Great post, really hard to read though.

Isaac Schrödinger

I could post 914,875 practices to showcase the inhumanity of these Islamic nations and still someone would come along to airily dismiss the charges as mere "rule violations."

However, Infidels are horrified to even read this post: MBMc finds the post "disturbing" and AbbaGav says it's "hard to read."

It's, thus, unbelievable to see that Islamic countries actually carry out such atrocities, in the 21st century, without any noticeable objection from over a billion Muslims. Just take a brief look at the countries I mentioned.

Indonesia: Largest Muslim nation in terms of population.
Iran: Wishes to finish the Holocaust.
Saudi Arabia: The very heart of Islam.

Why don't Muslims protest against these "rule violations" with even 1% of the passion which they displayed against the Danish cartoons? If they don't dissent against such "un-Islamic" rules in those Muslim-majority nations, then when will they?

The answers to these questions are quite ugly.


The 'infidels' are getting fed up.

Rule violations? What a sick person you are alija! No wonder, you're a muslim! You look at that poor girl with her head beside her body and call it a rule violation? Well, what should we expect eh? You are a muslim and that poor girl is an infidel, so no big deal in your eyes, right? SHAME ON YOU.


Dammit, when you're right, you're right, right? Blessed be the righteous. To hell with the self-righteous. Any kind.

Raw Data

Do you have a source for that horrific photo of the woman being prepared for execution?

Isaac Schrödinger

>> Raw Data,

I've seen that photo many times on various sites. I don't know the exact, original, source.

For what it's worth, I got the photo from this page at Faith Freedom International:

Download the image from FFI and take a look. It is even more horrific in its total dimensions of 958x596.


Just utterly disgusting. I am no fan of the one sided US policy with regard to the Palestinian/Israeli debate but when faced with such evil it must be protested ! Where is the hue and cry from the Christian community when scences like these happen every Day is Islamic countries ? The Bible says judge not lest you be judged; my question is simple .... Do you think Jesus would approve of these practices were he here on earth ? In this case I will judge: GUILTY of an inhumane and gutter religion at least how it is practiced in today's world.


all of these acts done for the name of Islam but THESE ARE NOT REAL RULES of Islam , so u write it all for NOTHING Posted by: alija cejlanovic

047.004 Therefore, when ye meet '''the Unbelievers''' in fight, smite at their necks. {Behead them! and the Muslims are commanded to initiate the fight} 002.216 009.039

Hey alija? what's the punishment for calling your own 'allah' a liar?


Woman in Iran, and most other Muslim countries, can commit "adultery" by getting raped. Unless four men witness the rape and testify that it occurred, a rape victim is deemed to have had sex outside of marriage, a crime punishable by imprisonment or death.

If you were a Muslim woman who had been raped, would you tell anyone?


Couldn't get a trackback ping through to your site. You're listed in the Carnival of the Vanities, posted at

Isaac Schrödinger

>> M,


I see alija makes an comparison with a footballmatch, where one player accidently breaks the neck. Of course the implied parties will go to trial for such an incident. If someone get a conviction are another matter, since it's a sport with many injuries. Unless one person clearly break the unlucky mans neck, wich would be treated as a murder.
And he try to excuse islam, saying it's not the religion is to blame, but certain individuals. But they run around screaming 'allah akbar'. Wich is actually the name of the muslim god ? Well someone sure blend in religion into their actions.
What interest me too about his comment are his finishing words.
'Dont be silly and dont make me mad ;) '
Are the muslim at it again, threatening people ?


Hmmm. It makes my skin crawl hearing muslims try to justify terrible acts in the name of a religion. Anyone who can say that stoning a women who has been raped or beheading someone just because they don't believe your bullshit, really needs to wake up out of their little fantasy of Muhammed, who apparently slept with children, and see how insignificant they are compared to the real issues this planet faces.

Grow up

Joe Katzman

The dormitory fire did indeed spark outrage among Muslims in Saudi Arabia, and went up to the highest levels. But a media that spoke of the original incident only in whhispers (I'm talking about ours) wasn't about to cover the aftermath.

The other two examples are completely valid.

Isaac Schrödinger

>> Joe Katzman,
There was a protest by the relatives and friends of the girls who perished in the fire. The police broke up the crowd by arresting a dozen or so people and introduced them to "Saudi hospitality" behind bars. They were released a few days later.

There was, indeed, limp outrage by newspaper editors across Saudi Arabia. The matter did reach the top. What happened? The heinous thugs of the Mutaween in Makkah were transferred to other towns and cities of the Kingdom. That, to the best of my knowledge, was the extent of their punishment.


Islam has no monopoly on brutality.
Christians do it as well, admit it.
Jews do it as well, admit it.

Police brutality is a form of repression is practiced all the time by all governments - it's more a matter of how much, how often.

Being human is sometimes a rotten, rotten thing.


Excellent article! It is important that people in the West learn about these things-- most of the media is afraid to cover things like this (or when it does, it distorts the facts). I didn't get trackback to work, but I posted a link to the article here, as well as a link to your main page in my blog's links section (under "References on Islam").


can there be any doubt ? Islam is a menace to civilization, an evil plague , directly from hell.Islam is a total abomination of all standards of human is a savage and barbaric subculture of hatred and violence concocted by the devil himself !

marilyn willett

all who don't accept Jesus as Lord will go to hell forever

Lily Mazahery

Thank you for writing about the plight of women in Iran, including sentences of death by public stoning. An international effort has been launched to save the life of the latest victim of such atrocity, Malak Ghorbany. You can find relevant information, along with the link to the petition that has been set up to protest Malak's barbaric sentence at

To reach the petition directly, please visit:


Christianity has caused some of the most atrocious crimes against humanity in the last 2 millenia, but we know this because in the Western World documentation of events occured in all situations. But at the same time Christ teaches peace, its is the literal readers of the early Bible from which the "big 3" derive much of their teaching.

The reason Islam is looked at as evil is because the prophet himself proclaimed stoning as a punishment numerous times in the Quran. Whereas Christ always preached peace adn even stopped the stoning of a woman because it was not right by God.

Whether or not all Muslims believe what occurs in Iran, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and any country where religion is allowed to be the law of the land. No religion has it right, but Islam is the most violent religion in terms of what is commanded of its followers.

I know followers of Islam who are my friends. They have become less a fan of their religion the more time they spend in America. Why? Because here they finally realized that all religions have something wrong and laws are created for the benefit of all.

The ten commandments are what nearly all legal systems are based on, and they are the only religious laws anyone should follow to get to heaven. All other laws are man made and are null in terms of what God expects of us.

Even if you were to break one of these laws, what does the Bible/torah/Quran say: Beg forgiveness and you shall be forgiven. Stonings? beheadings? all of these were thought up by man, and all of them are fallible.

Anyone who defends what these people do should immediately think what would you do if you went to a country where your religion wasn't accepted and you or a family member was beheaded, or what if your daughter was raped and then stoned. Shut up!! and learn to love everyone which is God's only true message!


i cnt beleave it i think tis sick


the whole stories r exagurated...FYI in indonesia,,a massacar occured in which many muslim women and children were killed...nd in Iran women r not treated dat way..there waz a documentary on TV,,based on the lives of Iranian women it was just alri8...nd this website has jst 1 view ,,against Islam..NOt showiung wat happens 2 Muslims by non Musims.

faizan - سید فیضان ابراہیم بخاری

yeah i think the christian girl had accepted Islam thats why christian killed her. and before some day a christian lady was killed in karachi because she had accepted Islam, and she was found dead some where, police dont know about the killer, obviously christians killed her. i don't know y christian kill the person who do accept Islam.


terrorist just suit in moslem

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