The Demand of Sharia
Some Brothers are More Equal

The Comatose West

Belmont Club:

... the question is why it [the Iranian regime] should negotiate at all since nothing is to be gained by negotiations. Iran is free to advance in whatever direction it wishes without opposition. Of what use are negotiations? To provide a forum to make further concessions of course. What else should the West concede? Oh wait, I had forgotten that it is not only important to surrender, but to surrender cravenly. During the Clinton Administration, it was sophisticated policy to pre-emptively hand over the keys to the fortress even before you were asked to. In that distant era the European Union was viewed as as inevitable Wave of the Future, the successor Superpower. Not, as it turned out, the footman in chief to the imams.

Now, every regime in the world knows how to play this rigged game. Even after Iran laid out its support for a second Holocaust, the West still continues to grovel. There is simply zero deterrence for Iran.


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