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Thank you for showing how harmless these cartoons really are. They are printable at this site - roll down at click at the carton. PEACE!

Vidar Breistrand

this cartoons are very harmless, and i cant understand why muslims are so upset about them. and i think they react very strange and a kind of childish. but they have a other culture and react more aggresive than the western europe. im from Norway, and i just had to laugh when i saw have harmless this cartoons really are. i respect muslims, but still i cant understand why they are so upset


fucking jesus....


Fantastic link.

alija cejlanovic

Well norwegian ,if ur understood why it is,world would be a more peaceful place, but unfortunately all u vikings still behave as a barbaric unsensitive people.I'll explain why these people react ; If we show any norwegian hero as a whore who sex with a dog in our newspaper and then although u r goverment demand ,we wont apologise and claim thats freedom, hah ! U'll burn all mosqs in norway !!!
Be sure u'll cos We live similiar things after london bombings, In london and holland racist burn 3 mosqs,who have no relation with bombing !!! we dont forget these things still !!! So ,if we behave childish , the things of europe must be baby thing !
One more thing,in sweden and finland newspapers decide not to publish cartoons , for what ? for they think muslims can upset and they respect muslims ? NO OF COURSE !!! , they afraid from attacs ! (read " helsingin sanomat " international edition ) If people wouldnt react as much as that ,europe would contunie to humiliate muslims and Hz.Muhammed !!! So , thats mean EUROPE DONT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING WITH SPEECH BUT REACT TO ACTION ! dont be silly and dont make me mad ;D


My husband told me today that he heard on the radio that people in the Middle East were shown cartoons of Mohammed that did not appear in that newspaper. He specifically mentioned one that showed Mohammed having sex with a dog. These were made up by the rabble-rousers in order to upset people like you, alija. Look at the Western Resistance link above to see the actual cartoons. They weren't anything like that. Don't let yourself be jerked around.



alija cejlanovic

haha i dont live in middle east ,i live near of coratia and under hungary yes i live in bosnia ! i'm a bosnian , european and since 300 years my anchestors have been musliman ! And i saw all the cartoons , be sure , lots of these people have seen via the internet . And to show a prophet as a TERRORIST (turban with the bomb) and PERVERTED(sorry we have no virgin ) ,and then to say thats not insult but freedom, is enough for say thats too much !!! Unfortunately , still the west side of the world FAR AWAY to understand how people can sorry for that,they still say no ,thats too much,they are just cartoons we just so free and we have to right to do that oh but the muslims are monster who have no sense of humour, hah ,we just have strong , loyal beleifs ,respect , and HONOUR ...but I dont blame west,just pitty to these people , they are realy insensitive and sensitiveness is a main thing for to be a HUMAN ....If we try to understand each other a bit more , the world will be a better place .Dont be silly and dont make me mad ;)


So where did you get the idea, alija, that the cartoons showed Muhammed having sex with a dog? Obviously somebody lied to you and you don't care. You're still letting yourself get jerked around. Sensitivity, huh. I guess the placards being waved in the UK saying things like "Take lessons from 9/11" are setting an example for us of how sensitive we should be. The guy walking around with the suicide belt on was another example of the exquisite sensitivity of Muslims. We should all be so sensitive.

alija cejlanovic

i'm not a terorist , i dont support el kaide, i'm a bosnian and i 'm a muslim so at least u have to respect me !thats first and second ,i just gave an example ,i want to say if u show muhammed as a terrorist then if we will draw ur king or here sex with a dog what u'll do , okey ? that was just an example,i dont wanr to mean they draw muhammed as like it anyways ...dont be silly and dont make me mad ;)


Do you respect me, alija? Do you worry about making me mad?


i fuck the people who made this cartoon

alija cejlanovic

:D okey okey , dont be mad , lets drink someting and forget anything about past , okey ? :D

alija cejlanovic

maybe we'll be example for peace and the world become a better place :D


I'm all for that.

alija cejlanovic

thanks laura and Look everybody , we do it ! if u want with ur heart u can find peace too ! ;)


I actually think the picture with Muhammed wearing a TURBENED or (TurBANNED)Bomb makes a lot of sense. The reasoning behind it can be looked when studying the past HISTORY.


Hi ,just came across this blog and I noticed:
"even though i've been raised as a mussulman, i'm not one of them"
What's the purpose of the site's (sub)title
I mean, is it because you think you'll be accepted within non-muslims because of that ?! kinda hey guys no no no wait, I'm not muslim,we can chill, mk'ay.. aight ? well if it's the case then I pity you..really..otherwise this (sub)title isn't really expressing anything towards your thoughts..

Isaac Schrödinger

>> oth,
Most visits to this blog are from Google searches. So, you can imagine that most folks stay here for just a couple of seconds. Thus, I wanted to communicate something profound about myself, in a unique way, in a few words.

That's why I came up with that subtitle.

With respect to the Blogosphere, I wouldn't really know if someone did 'accept' or 'reject' me on the basis of my subtitle. Considering the fact that I blog under a pseudonym, how would that even matter?

Pray tell, how would I chill with the subtitle-lovers?

It's interesting to note your comment about non-Muslim acceptance. I've never -- not once -- felt an absence of acceptance from non-Muslims in my life. Frankly, they don't really care about my (non-existent) religion and, thus, don't discriminate on that basis. It has usually been the Muslims who are closed-minded about even the slightest of differences. I know that personally since I lived as a religious minority in Pakistan, and in addition, a racial one in Saudi Arabia.

So, please, keep your precious pity to yourself.


I saw the cartoons.
I just want to know why did the people who did the cartoons want muslims to get upset


yousef, the short answer is that they are jerks.

The long answer is that upsetting Muslims was not the primary purpose. The primary purpose was to stir stuff up. If stuff is not stirred up, newspapers don't have anything to write about. I think they got more than they bargained for, mind you.

You shouldn't take it personal. Think of them as adolescents who never grew past the phase of trying to be as irritating as they can, and let it go.

alija cejlanovic

maybe who draw cartoons just want to make Isaac happy thats all :D

alija cejlanovic

Well as we ,scandinavians not as rude as all we guess , look how Finnish Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen apologise from muslims ;

so , Nokia In Kinder Out ... jaa jaa ...

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