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Selective Outrage

Glenn Reynolds:

If Danish cartoons could create riots worldwide against the defamers of Islam, you'd think that bombing of mosques would create anti-terrorist marches all over.

Attacking mosques is only bad when infidels do it. Muslims get a pass.


Gunmen killed dozens of civilians Thursday and dumped their bodies in a ditch, as the government ordered a tough daytime curfew in Baghdad and three provinces to stem the sectarian violence that has left at least 114 dead since the bombing of a Shiite shrine.

I take my selective outrage comment back. It's more appropriate to call this volatile outrage. People in Iraq have been killed left, right and center who very likely had nothing to do with the mosque bombings. If suspects were to be arrested, then the police would not be able to get them to the trial in one piece.

Take the Ahmadiyya, an Islamic sect, in Pakistan. Ahmadis can't legally call their place of worship a "mosque" since they're not considered Muslims. Similarly, in Iraq, it seems that the logic of a Sunni attacking a Shia mosque is that, "It's not really a mosque since it's for the demonic Shia's." And vice versa for a Shia aggressor. These two sects in Iraq must truly loath each other for the situation to escalate so drastically so quickly.

Update FEB. 24, 1:05 PM
Kip boils down the whole asinine state of affairs.



To be fair, it did incite violence. I imagine there were calls for beheading as well.

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