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Saudi Asininity. Tale #89542

The Religious Policeman posts another story from the Kingdom of Gender Apartheid. I bought many cassettes from stores with Indian cashiers in KSA. Yes, they did have CDs but they usually went for 45 riyals (US$12) whereas a cassette went for 9 (US$2.4). So, the decision was simple. I often bought soundtracks of various Hindi movies.

Anyway, my younger sisters always wanted to buy some newly released music, so my dad or I often went with them. They didn't have a problem entering a stand-alone music store since a male relative was present. I lived in Saudi Arabia for over a decade. In all that time, not once did my sisters or my mom go out shopping by just themselves.

That's the one thing that puzzles me about this story: Why would this Saudi woman walk around in a shopping area in Saudi Arabia without a male companion?



And why would she be surprised at what happened. Unless she was really, really sheltered (makes no sense b/c she wouldn't have known how to make a purchase) or not a local after all.

If she did expect what happened, and did it to make a point, it was very irresponsible, considering what probably happened to the cashier.

Nice of you to accompany your sisters when they wanted to shop. I grew up in a little town that was too small to have a bookstore, and I well remember the many Saturday afternoons when I was a little girl that my dad indulged my desire to go to Tupelo and buy some more science fiction. Of course, he liked it too.

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