Porn Mogul Says It Like It Is
An Unhealthy Tyre-Fire Fetish

Respect for Religion

Qaisar Farooq writes a letter for the Pakistanis:

Throughout the country there have been many protest rallies against the blasphemous cartoons. The protest rallies have done a lot of damage to personal property, shops, offices, etc. What kind of a picture of Islam are we showing to the world by such senseless violence?

My question to these people involved in protest rallies is, why are you not respecting the religious freedom of the minorities in Pakistan? In Sangla Hill religious parties desecrated holy Bibles, statues and altars. They damaged a church and two others were set to fire. Schools and hostels were also set on fire. The Christian community throughout the country as well as in Sangla Hill preferred to carry out a peaceful protest against the incident.

The Shias and the tiny population of Ahmadis don't fare any better.


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