Dec. 7 to Sept. 11
Ugly and Tragic

Pragmatic Genocidal Maniacs

Robert Spencer:

From our Bridge For Sale Department: Hamas, after insisting that it would not change or moderate one bit, is now suddenly, and for the first time in its history, singing a different tune. I would suggest that taking them at their word might be foolhardy at best, but I expect Western pols will be falling over themselves in their rush to do so.

Hamas wants to utterly exterminate Israel and in its place impose Sharia on everyone. To accomplish this, Hamas has been responsible for countless attacks on Israelis. And in return, just a few years ago, the Israelis were rightly taking out the vile leadership of Hamas.

Yet, even after knowing this history, many would believe that Hamas will not commit the atrocious crime of lying! Just because Hamas got elected, doesn't change the fact that they are still a hideous group of Islamist vultures.

Thus, any Western nation that chooses to give money to the PA will effectively and knowingly subsidize the murder of innocent Jews.

Mark Lavie writes about the history and possible future of Hamas.

Link via Meryl Yourish via Glenn Reynolds.


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