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Not Worth Marching For?

In the past two days, this post of mine has been linked on many sites. So much so, that I'm getting more daily hits during this weekend than what I got over the past five weekdays. Just a few hours ago, I got linked on this message board at the BBC. There are 49 comments so far. Excerpt of Message #4 by Leila81:

do not use turnaround tactics and circumstance to have another go at Islam. That site is digusting and IF the reports are true I condemn those acts are un-islamic and atrocious. However I am sceptical becasue upon googling Isaac Shrodinger (Jewish??) he has an awful lot to do with which is one of the worst anti-Islamic sites.

Excerpt of Message #9 by Tinwhistle:

It's utterly fascinating (as well as disgusting) that you could manage to make "Isaac Schrödinger" into a Jew based on exactly NO evidence other than your prejudices.

Leila81 gets quite a rhetorical spanking from Tinwhistle.

It is curious that not one Muslim has refuted Message #6.



That smiley cafe guy is a real tool...

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