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More Anti-Cartoon Folly

Mian Ijaz Ul Hassan on the Muhammed cartoons:

When the Taliban destroyed the two Buddha statues at Bamiyan, it was a matter of shame for most Muslims. [Riiight] In the same vein I presume denigration of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through a cartoon must have shamed the Christian world. What the spoilt brats who have published the cartoons in the name of freedom of the press need is a good spanking on their sensitive, democratic hinds. For democracy Bush invades Iraq; for freedom these editors inflame the Muslim world. Hasn’t enough blood been spilt yet?

Again, we see President Bush get the blame for Islamist terror attacks. In addition, the cartoonists get the blame for all the mayhem and murder caused by Muslims. You see Muslims always react when they kill since they're always the innocent victims. Damn you Danish cartoonists!

They have hurt the entire Muslim world. The morons now plead that publishing the cartoon was “at the very core of [their] culture” and that it was part of their “journalistic right of freedom of expression”. I am afraid freedom cannot be granted to monkeys-with-a-matchbox who do not comprehend the virtues, meaning and purpose of freedom. It is tragic that those who pay mere lip service to the holocaust can get away with murder in the name of freedom and democracy. The terrible irony is that those reacting to this gross provocation would be branded and targeted as terrorists.

Oh, I get it: The Westerners should only be free to perform activities that don't hurt the feelings of Muslims and leads some to commit arson and instill terror. Mr. Hassan is, let's put it diplomatically, slightly confused about the true meaning of freedom. To be pro-freedom is to tolerate words and acts that one finds repugnant (which includes drawings of all shapes and manners).

To permit only the speech and acts that one finds halaal is, of all things, not being in favor of freedom.


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