The Hinge Turns
Prince Al bin Gore

Mark It Up

I was a little confused when I looked at the photo-shopped image but laughed out loud once I read the last paragraph in the post.

That photo reminded me of various imported magazines in Saudi Arabia. You see, every photo of a scantily clad woman in such magazines was blacked out by a marker. Often, such harlots would be present in different ads throughout a magazine and on many an occasion the text on the next page and the flip side of the marked page would become illegible because of the bleeding.

It was thus very easy to spot the "marked jobs". To me, it was simply an insane waste of money: Hiring tens, hundreds, or thousands of Arab men whose job description was to put magic burqas on women.

What a truly messed up society Arabia is.



You'd think they would have hired the women to do that.

Isaac Schrödinger

If they did, then I wouldn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

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