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I Can't Really Imagine That

I got an amusing email today with the subject line, "WHATS IN YOUR MIND??" (I think this post with links to many of my articles answers that question competently.) Here's the email:

you claim you are an ex-muslim, but i cant really imagine that.
you really dont know anything from the religion, but still you critisice it.
Im really curious whats in your mind when you write these articles, i mean you cant be really healthy in your mind....if you where a muslim you could not lie so badley [ain't that ironic], you would understand and respect everything that has happened.

You say muslims are jew haters, well the jews are muslim haters. Its not your fight, if you arent muslim nor jew.

When the cristian where slaughter the jews the muslims protected them, gave them a home and food.

Who gave you right to critisice muslims when (from my point of view) you are a religion free man. You should see the movie "the believer" because you really like the kid in there (but a muslim hater intstead).
you know what i think....i think that something went wrong in your muslim childhood . you maybe where bullied because of your muslim parents or your religion, or maybe your parents beat you when you were a kid. I dont know what it is but I know its something that made you to a muslim hater, if not you wouldnt react like this and create a racistic site.
To make it easier to understand this: you like Harry Potter, then imagine; you are voldemort and had his past and thats why you are pissed off, you start to "attack the muggles" who are the muslims.
Lastly i would like to say that if you disagree about any point just mail me, if you dont mail an answer I shall know that I have had right on at least on point.
Please mail an answer, because i really want your opinion on this matter. EMAIL: [I'm choosing not to publish it. -- Isaac S.]

/A man who believe in religious freedom

I'm not going to email this guy back. He can enjoy his savoury "point."



Wow. Mindreader or psychotherapist. Either way that person is bound to make a pile of cash!

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