Ugly and Tragic
No Harmony for Supply and Demand

Europe Condemns Herself to Disaster. Again.

Cay Compass:

The European Union regrets that the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad were "considered offensive" by Muslims around the world, EU foreign ministers said Monday in their first joint statement on the issue.

Last time the subtle approach of dive bombers woke up Europe, this time it'll be the words "Allah Akbar" combined with a scimitar.

Britain had called for the EU to show regret over the publication of the 12 cartoons, which were first published in a Danish newspaper last year. However, both the Dutch and Czech governments were opposed to apologizing for the cartoons’ publication, saying that would be detrimental to media freedoms.

Britain again foolishly hopes for peace in our time against an evil enemy which spews venom and bides its time.

The EU has earned contempt and made it certain that more violence will follow in the future whenever Muslims get offended.

Link via The Corner.


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