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Embracing the Sharia for Peace

Syed Shariq sends an, unintentionally hilarious, email.

... under the Islamic system, Khilafah, the state not only physically protects and safeguards the well being of non-Muslims, but is also obliged to protect the feelings and emotional tendencies with regards to religion, of the non-Muslims. Indeed in Khilafah, it is an offense and breach of law, to demonize the religious figures of other religions. The Prophet Muhammad had stated that harming a Zimmi (a non-Muslim citizen of the Islamic state) is akin to harming the Prophet. It is for this reason, that the civilized world, must look up and embrace the values of the Islamic State, i.e. Khilafah, in order to ensure peaceful and mutual co-existence of all religions.

So, that's why Christians, Jews and adherents of other religions are rushing to enter the Islamic lands.

Thanks for alleviating that confusion Shariq!


Syed Shariq

There is not Islamic State, aka Caliphate at present.

The present rulers in the muslim lands, are corrupt, dictators, and the system is far from being Islamic.

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