The Revolting Kingdom
Embracing the Sharia for Peace

Continuing Cartoon Crisis

The Nation from Pakistan:

Thousands of Bangladeshis burnt Danish flags Friday as fresh demonstrations erupted in the capital against blasphemous cartoons amid heavy police security. Chanting “Boycott Danish goods” and “Muslim wake up, it’s your last moment,” the protesters marched through the streets near Dhaka’s main mosque following Friday prayers.

My memory fails me: Which verse in the Quran mentions Danish cartoons as the last moment?

Meanwhile, about 3,000 Muslims marched through the streets of Hong Kong in an angry but peaceful protest condemning irreverent cartoons as an insult to their religion. Chanting “God is Great”, they marched through one of Hong Kong’s busiest districts waving banners that read “Don’t play with our religion” and “We condemn the freedom of speech that hurts other people’s feelings”. “Muslims feel very badly hurt and insulted,” said Syed Asim, Chairman of International Human Rights Forum, one of the organisers.

This is beyond parody: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words deserve a global protest.


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