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Cartoons of Dread in Canada


The largely peaceful protest in Halifax turned tense when some Muslim students confronted a professor who has drawn fire for posting the contentious drawings on his office door.

Peter March, a philosophy professor at Saint Mary's University, said he was merely trying to promote a reasoned debate when he suddenly showed up in the midst of 100 protesters.

That is one gutsy professor.

When the students realized who he was, a group of angry youths started yelling, "Go away!" and "You don't belong here!"

It would have been nice to know where the professor "belongs."

The shouting that ensued, all captured by TV cameras, was precisely the kind of image Canadian Muslim leaders are trying to avoid as governments and religious leaders continue to call for calm amid fears the recent violence has only reinforced Islam's negative image in the West.

The professor calmly discussed the matter with the students. All the shouting was one-sided. Muslims, by acting immaturely in public, have reinforced their doleful image in the West.

In Halifax, protest organizers said they were responding to March's decision to post three of the cartoons on his office door Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the university ordered the images removed, citing concerns over health and safety.

A mere depiction of the Prophet of Peace causes concerns of health and safety at a Canadian university! Sadly, all the negative and increasingly vile posters of brown-people-killing Imperialist Amerikkka on the doors of hip professors get no "respect."

I am sooo disappointed in Bushitler.


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