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Apologists for Islamism

Foreign Dispatches:

... there's a certain oddity I'd like to point out, namely the tendency of those who want to play apologists for Islamic violence to attack those who refuse to shut their eyes to reality by smearing them with the "racist" label: it is true enough that many racists vocally proclaim their hatred of Muslims (which is not the same as hating Islam), but if the majority of those who are antagonistic to Islam are so on the basis of race, why is it that no similar opposition is meted out to Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism or any other creed practiced almost entirely by non-white people?

An excellent question. That's what the Islamist apologist do to their opposition: Smear them. Rarely does one find a modicum of an argument. Even then, their fiery premises are flat-out wrong.

This blog has been labeled racist many times and rumor has it that I'm Jewish (gasp!). These convenient techniques are used to simply dismiss my arguments instead of tackling them and there is no doubt in my mind that such mindless tactics will be used with increasing frequency not only against myself but against much of the pro-West Blogosphere.



Your fanatical attachment to the sport of cricket is a great cover. Kudos!

Isaac Schrödinger

Shhh! LOL.

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