Respect for Religion
Responding to the Cartoon Jihad

An Unhealthy Tyre-Fire Fetish

Cartoons don't burn tyres, people burn tyres.

Tyre burning incident #1:

Thousands of students from the International Islamic University, H-8 College, H-9 College and other schools marched from Peshawar Mor to the Diplomatic Enclave via the Kashmir Highway. At Aabpara Market, they blocked traffic and burnt tyres and effigies of head of states of countries where the caricatures have been published.

Tyre burning incident #2:

The main rally in Lahore, some 15,000-strong, was held at Faisal Chowk, while groups of 35 to 50 youngsters staged separate protests all over the city....The demonstrators shouted slogans denouncing President Musharraf, US President George Bush and European leaders. They burnt tyres and piles of wood on roads and chowks across the city.

Tyre burning incident #3:

Meanwhile, some 50,000 people protested in a massive rally on Grand Trunk Road in Gujranwala, burning tyres and shouting anti-West slogans.

Tyre burning incident #4:

And in Hyderabad, a peaceful protest called by traders was hijacked by violent mobs who ransacked shops that were not closed and threw stones at vehicles. They blocked several roads with burning tyres, burnt flags and effigies of the Danish prime minister and tore down advertising hoardings featuring foreign products.

Let me rephrase: Cartoons don't burn tyres, Pakistanis burn tyres.


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