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I understand that you have an idea about Islam. But due to what you see from SOME Muslims, and what you see happining recently in the name of Islam ( terrorism, uneven treatment for woman ... etc) makes you have a very negative impression of all Muslims and the religon of Islam in general.
However, what you must know is that the true Islamic Religion is not like that at all, and that the vast majority of Muslims refuse bad things that happen in the name of thier religion.
Probably a deeper understanding of Islam, (achieved by reading the Quran, prophet Muhammeds teachings or even books written by Muslim scholars) will make you change your opinion about it.

Isaac Schrödinger

I left Islam in early 2002 and since then I have talked to many Muslims and read about what the mainstream Muslims think of the West and, in general, freedom. I have realized that Islam--as literally understood by the majority of Muslims--is in a perpetual war with non-Muslims.

Understand that this doesn't mean that hundreds of millions of Muslims are set for battle--just that most celebrate when terrorists attack the West. For example, the joyous reaction of Palestinians and Saudis to 9/11. Thus, these Muslims are in no mood to capture or uproot the raging terrorists within their societies. This is one reason for my ridda.

The second is that I simply do not consider the Prophet of Islam to be an Example for Mankind Till The End of Time. He had multiple wives and sex slaves; he married a 6-year-old; on his orders the men of an entire Jewish tribe were beheaded and the females and children kept as slaves (Muhammad took one for himself); ...

So, you see, the behavior of modern Muslims is only a part of my reversion to sanity. It is precisely the "deeper understanding of Islam" that has re-inforced my decision to leave Islam.

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