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BBC News:

Interpol has issued notices for the arrest of ex-Pakistan PM Benazir Bhutto and her husband, Asif Ali Zardari.

Benazir Bhutto was the first woman elected to high office in the Muslim world. Her father was also a former Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was arrested in Pakistan and later hanged by a military dictatorship. It seems that the current Pakistani regime is afraid of the possible political future of Benazir Bhutto and thus wants to end her chances by locking her up.

Interpol said it made its decision on the basis of a fresh approach from Islamabad within the last month.



Is this connected to increased Pakinstani assistance to anti-terror/AQ/Taliban efforts in and around Afghanistan? Does Pakistan regularly cooperate with Interpol, if they do, as sad as it is, I think Interpol must reciprocate. To be effective, they must operate without too much regard to internal politics and they can't insist on a trial before red-listing. I suspect Benazir has been and will continue to be careful to avoid countries that might send her to Pakistan, but then again, that's easy for me to say since I'm not in her position. Ultimately, if there's a problem, its a Pakistan problem not an Interpol problem.

Isaac Schrödinger

That might be--perhaps, this is Pakistan's way of asking for just a little in return for helping with the War on Terror.

The Pakistanis help us catch terrorists and we provide their regime with corrupt Pakistani politicians.

Musharraf has put Interpol in a tough spot.

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