One of Nine
A Message for Danes and Showcasing the Mo

State of the Union 2006

All the quotes in this post are by President George W. Bush.

"We love our freedom and we will fight to keep it."
There is a lot of VDH in what the President says.

Hey, Justice Alito is in the audience.

Howard Dean, this one is for you.
"Hindsight is not wisdom."

The President offers a strong, though ultimately fruitless, message for Hamas.

Whoa, no nuclear weapons for the clerics in Iran. He also speaks directly to the regular Iranians.

Now, he's talking about foreign aid.

"I urge Congress to make the tax cuts permanent."
The Democrats look so glum.

Now, it's all about domestic policies.

The President welcomes the two new Judges of the SCOTUS. Justice Alito finally shows a smile. I'm signing off.



Thank you Isaac, play by play man extraordinaire! Now, if I only knew what a "test" was...

Isaac Schrödinger

A "Test" is a cricket match that lasts at most 5 days. Each team bats in two innings. If both teams are completely out in their respective two innings, then whoever has the highest combined score wins the match. As you can see this is a real test of endurance, skill and patience.

That is the basic description and now you know why this original 5-day game hasn't taken off in the West. There's another variety of cricket called ODI (One-Day International) which is more popular. The World Cup matches are, thankfully, of the ODI variety.


I see. A game that can last five days surely would constitute a test!

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